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Legal Studies Course Syllabi

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LS R1B: Critical Perspectives on Human Rights (G. Painter, Spring 2013)

LS R1B: Equal Rights in a Changing Society: 1954 to the Present (E. Bruce, Spring 2013, Spring 2012)

LS R1B: Law, Society and the Internet: Cyber Orderings (T. Niv, Fall 2013)

LS R1B: Legal Rights, Science, and Society (H. Berk, Spring 2014, Spring 2012)

LS R1B: Race and the Law (E. Bruce, Fall 2014, Fall 2012)

LS R1B: Reading and Composition in Connection with the Law: Innovation in the Public Sector (A. Hill, Spring 2016)

LS R1B: The Sanctuary Tradition in Law and Social Practice (B. Cherry, Fall 2021)

LS 19AC: Moral Politics and Legal Culture (M. Echaveste & J.S. Simon, Fall 2007)

LS 39D: Current Political and Moral Conflicts and the U.S. Constitution (A. Pomerantz, Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014)

LS 39D: Race, Policing, and Data Science (J. McCrary, Fall 2015)

LS 39E: Democracy, Equality (C. Kutz, Fall 2012)

LS 39F: Civil Disobedience (S. Song, Fall 2014)

LS 39G: Elephants, Silk, Mercury, and Law: Managing the Environment in East Asia (J. Marshall, Fall 2015)

LS 88: Crime & Punishment: Taking the Measure of the US Justice System (Spring 2017Spring 2022)

LS 100: Foundations of Legal Studies (J. Simon, Spring 2017Spring 2018Spring 2019, Spring 2021; J. Marshall, Fall 2019; C. Morrill, Fall 2020, M. Leinauer, Fall 2021, Spring 2022; Y. Mehozay, Summer 2022)

LS 102: Policing and Society (M. Musheno, Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014; E. Bautista Duran, Summer 2022)

LS 103: Theories of Law and Society (D. Lieberman, Fall 2020; M. Leinauer, Fall 2021; C. Tomlins, Spring 2021)

LS 104AC: Youth, Justice and Culture (M. Musheno, Summer 2014; E. Brown, Summer 2019)

LS 105: Theories and Foundation of Criminal Law (M. Dan-Cohen, Spring 2020)

LS 107: Theories of Justice (S. Song, Spring 2015Fall 2019, Fall 2021; C. Kutz, Spring 2016, Fall 2020)

LS 107WI: Theories of Justice (C. Kutz, Fall 2020)

LS 109: Aims & Limits of the Criminal Law (R. Perry, Fall 2014, Fall 2013; C.L. Kutz, Spring 2008)

LS 110: Law & Rights in Authoritarian States (R. Stern, Fall 2017)

LS 110: Human Rights: the Indigenous Experience (E. Tejada, Fall 2019)

LS 111: The Making of Modern Constitutionalism (D. Lieberman, Summer 2008)

LS 116: Politics & Legal Discourse (B. Shapiro, Spring 2007)

LS 119: Philosophy & Law in Ancient Athens (K. Hoekstra, Spring 2010)

LS 123: Data, Prediction, and Law (J. Marshall, Spring 2019, Spring 2020Spring 2021Spring 2022)

LS 125: Human Rights and War Crimes Investigations: Methods (A. Koenig, Fall 2021)

LS 132AC: Immigration & Citizenship (L. Volpp, Spring 2016; C. Rosenbaum, Spring 2020, L. Knox, Spring 2021Spring 2022)

LS C134: Migration and Membership: Empirical and Normative Perspectives (I. Bloemraad and S. Song, Fall 2020)

LS 135: Law, Judicial Politics and Rights in Latin America (Castillejos-Aragón, Spring 2022)

LS 136: Law & Rights in Authoritarian States (Fall 2021)

LS 137: Comparative Equality Law (D. Oppenheimer, Fall 2021)

LS 138: The Supreme Court & Public Policy (D. Feeley, Spring 2014; T. Burke, Spring 2016; B. Brown, Spring 2019Fall 2019Fall 2021, Spring 2022; B. Arsiniega, Summer 2020, Summer 2021Summer 2022)

LS 139: Comparative Perspectives on Norms and Legal Traditions (L. Mayali, Spring 2014, Spring 2013,Spring 2012Summer 2010)

LS 141: Wall Street / Main Street (M. Brilliant and S. D. Solomon, Spring 2019, Spring 2021)

LS 140: Property & Liberty (R.B. Brown, Spring 2015Fall 2015Fall 2018)

LS 145: Law & Economics I (B. Meyerhof Salama, Fall 2019, Summer 2020Fall 2021)

LS 146: The Law and Economics of Innovation (S. Scotchmer, Fall 2011)

LS 147: Law and Economics II (B. Meyerhof Salama, Spring 2020Fall 2020, Spring 2022)

LS 149: Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (B. M. Salama, Fall 2019, Fall 2020)

LS 151: Law, Self, and Society (M. Dan-Cohen, Fall 2018, Fall 2019)

LS 152AC: Human Rights and Technology (M. Chang, Fall 2020)

LS 154: Human Rights Research and Practice (A. Koenig, E. Stover, and B. Arsiniega, Spring 2016; A. Koenig and E. Stover, Spring 2017; A. Koenig, R. Haar, and E. Stover, Spring 2022)

LS 155: Government & The Family (J. Hollinger, Fall 2013, Fall 2012, Fall 2011, Fall 2006)

LS 156: Law & Society in Asia (J. Marshall, Spring 2016)

LS 157: International Law & International Relations (I. Stradner, Summer 2018; B. Payvar, Fall 2019; S. Ben-Natan, Summer 2020, D. Shanks, Summer 2021)

LS 158: Law & Development (B. Meyerhof Salama, Spring 2020, Spring 2022)

LS 159: Law and Sexuality (I. Turner, Fall 2019Spring 2021; S. Katyal, Spring 2016)

LS 160: Punishment, Culture & Society (R. Perry, Spring 2016Spring 2019; A. De Giorgi Summer 2018Summer 2019, Summer 2022)

LS 161: Law in Chinese Society (R. Stern, Fall 2016, Spring 2020)

LS 162AC: Restorative Justice (M. L. Frampton & K. Abrams, Fall 2013; J. Shackford-Bradley, Fall 2022)

LS 163: Adolescence, Crime and Juvenile Justice (F. Zimring, Fall 2015, Fall 2017)

LS 168: Sex, Reproduction, and the Law (M. Leinauer, Spring 2022, Summer 2022)

LS 170: Crime & Criminal Justice (E. Tejada, Spring 2020)

LS 171: European Legal History (C. McClain, Fall 2011, Fall 2009)

LS 173AC: Making Empire: Law and the Colonization of America (C. Tomlins, Fall 2021)

LS 174: Comparative Constitutional Law: The Case of Israel (O. Aronson, Spring 2015; M. Tamir, Spring 2022)

LS 176: 20th Century American Legal & Constitutional History (R.B. Brown, Fall 2013, Summer 2010, Summer 2009; H. Scheiber, Spring 2009)

LS 177: Legal & Constitutional History (Spring 2016; B. Brown, Spring 2022)

LS 178: Legal Theory Seminar (M. Dan-Cohen, Spring 2018)

LS 179: Comparative Constitutional Law (M. Shapiro, Spring 2014, Spring 2012)

LS 180: Implicit Bias (V. Plaut, Fall 2014, Fall 2012)

LS 181: Psychology & The Law (V. Plaut, Fall 2013)

LS 182: Law, Politics & Society (M.M. Feeley, Summer 2020, Summer 2021Summer 2022)

LS 183: Psychology of Diversity and Discrimination in American Law (V Plaut, Spring 2013)

LS 184: Sociology of Law (K. Sangren, Fall 2020; V. Mellema, Spring 2020)

LS 185AC: Prison (J. Simon, Spring 2014, Spring 2020)

LS 187: Diversity, Law, and Politics (T. Lee, Spring 2016)

LS 189: Feminine Jurisprudence (K. Abrams, Spring 2014, Fall 2011, Summer 2010)

LS 190: Basic Legal Values Seminar (M. Dan-Cohen, Spring 2014Spring 2020)

LS 190: Comparative Constitutional Law: The Case of Israel (B. Medina, Spring 2013)

LS 190: Federalism & Individual Rights (R.B. Brown, Spring 2008)

LS 190: History of Punishment (D. Lieberman, Spring 2016)

LS 190: Judicial Politics in Non-Democracies (R. Stern, Spring 2014)

LS 190: Law & Business in Japan (Z. Shishido, Fall 2007)

LS 190: Law and Economics of Innovation and Growth (R. Cooter, Fall 2013)

LS 190: Law and Society in Asia (R. Stern, Fall 2013)

LS 190: Legal Theory Seminar (M. Dan-Cohen, Fall 2014, Fall 2013, Fall 2019)

LS 190: Originalism and Constitutionalism (J. Yoo, Spring 2014)

LS 190: Representation of Law in American Film (M. Dan-Cohen, Fall 2011; T. Sassoubre, Spring 2008)

LS 190: Surveillance, Privacy, and the Law (J.B. Rule, Fall 2017)

LS 190: Topics in Jewish Law (K. Bamberger & D. Kasher, Fall 2009)

LS 190: Topics in Justice (C.L. Kutz, Spring 2007)

LS 190: Criminal Justice in the United States: Policing, Mass Incarcertion, and Paths to Reform (R. Goldstein, Spring 2021)

LS 190: Crime and Punishment in America: Theory and Practice (C. Kutz and A. Zaret, Spring 2021)

LS 190: Comparative Legal Systems in Latin America (M. Castillejos-Aragón, Spring 2020)

LS 190: Race and Amerian Law (E. Bruce, Spring 2017)

LS 190: History of the Prison (D. Lieberman, Spring 2021Spring 2022)

LS 190: International Courts & Human Rights (L. Reinsberg, Spring 2022)

LS 190: Youth, Law, & Space (Syllabus)

LS 190: Liberty/Equality/Privilege and the US Constitution (Syllabus)

LS 190: Natural Law and Constitutional Interpretation (J. Rogers Brown and S. Hayward, Spring 2022)

LS 190: Truth, Justice and Reconciliation: Responses to State Violence (J. Shackford-Bradley, Spring 2022)

LS 190: Racial and Colonial Foundations of UC Berkeley (N. Menka, Fall 2021)

LS 190: Access to Justice: Comparative and Historical Perspectives (A. Havrylyshyn, Spring 2020)

LS 190: Human Rights & Civil Rights in Israel (M. Tamir, Fall 2021)

LS 190: Data, Prediction, and Law (J. Marshall, Spring 2018)

LS 190: Equality and Democracy (S. Song, Spring 2016)

LS 190: Law and Social Change: Public Interest Impact Litigation (A. Bloom, Fall 2020)

LS 190: Law and Social Change: The Case of Israel (M. Sagiv, Fall 2021)

LS 190: Privilege, Individual Liberty, the Conflict with Governmental Mandated Equal Treatment and the U.S. Constitution (A. Pomerantz, Spring 2021)

LS 190: Judicial Politics in Latin America (M. Castillejos-Aragón, Spring 2021)

LS 190: Plea Bargaining in Anglo-American Law (M. Vogel, Spring 2022)

LS H195: Honors Thesis Seminar (M. Musheno, Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014; C. Morrill, Spring 2022)

LS 198: Legal Studies Honors Thesis Seminar (M. Musheno, Fall 2010; J.S. Simon, Fall 2008)