Graduate Students


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Laika Abdulali Philosophy, history and public law
Haley Anderson
sovereignty, civil procedure, international law, political and legal theory
Nandina Babic punishment, surveillance and technology, the carceral state, political science, sociology
Michael Banerjee
American legal history, state, university, corporations, nineteenth century, western history, property law, local government law, state constitutional law
Renata Barreto-Montenegro
Eduardo Bautista Duran Police history, police power, critical race studies, settler colonialism, racial capitalism, political economy of punishment
Sean Becker
US-Mexico border culture and militarization, Law and Migration Theory, Crimmigation, Space and Legal Consciousness, Law and Political Economy, Detention and Incarceration Studies, Surveillance Studies, Social Construction of Crime Theory, Colonialism and Neocolonialism, Race and Ethnicity, Indigenous Sovereignty
Sage Luna 

20th Century Psychological Science and Conceptions of Culpability in Criminal Law

Raj Bhargava
Shikha Bhattacharjee migration, supply chains, and gender, caste, and race in the global economy
Griffin Brunk American Legal History, Criminal Law, Fourth Amendment, Race & Law, Critical Theory, Ottoman History, and Islamic Law.
Matthew Cannon intellectual property; social movements & law; civil procedure
Anthony Carrasco
Bonnie Cherry Tribal sovereignty/Federal Indian Law, IR/critical security studies, civil religion
Jorge Cortes-Monroy Criminal Law and Procedure, Comparative Criminal Procedure, Administrative Law, Jurisprudence, Law and Social Theory, Political Theory.
William Darwall political, legal, and social philosophy, political economy, work law, digitality
Sarah DiMagno health, welfare, and labor law and policy
Yan Fang Law, Technology, and Society; Privacy Law; Evidence; Litigation;
Consumer Law; Sociology of Law
Brianne Felsher US legal history, queer history, history of family law, queer family law, LGBT rights, nineteenth century US legal history, history of queer marriage
Taylor Fox
Taylor Galdi 
courts, legal profession, social movements and social change
international law, evidence, human rights, emerging technologies, atrocity crimes, sexual and gender based violence
Rubi Gonzales Critical Race Theory, Law & Psychology, Race, Ethnicity, Diversity, Belonging, Race & Public Policy, Sociology, History
Rafael Grillo-Avila Sociology of Law, Law & Economics, Natural Resource Management, Law & Organizations, and Mixed Methods
Valeria L. Guerrero Sociology of Law, Critical Theory, social movements, crime and punishment 
Law and globalization; history of legal, economic and moral thought; the relationship between international order and the global economy; trade and antitrust law
Kyneshawau Hurd
Kavitha Iyengar 19th Century Southern Legal History, Welfare and Work, and Associational Governance
Cheri Kruse Reproductive justice, especially where it intersects with environmental, racial, immigration, and education justice.
Nikila Lakshmanan Sociology of Law; Critical theory; Feminist legal theory; Race & Law
Yen-Tung Lin sociology of law, human rights, solitary confinement
Margot Lipin
nineteenth century socio-legal history, law and violence, race and law, policing, fashion and dress
Lawrence Liu regulatory politics, law and globalization, legal profession, contemporary Chinese law and politics
Alex Mabanta
Constitutional Law, Race & Law, Public Law & Jurisprudence, Race and Ethnic Politics, Political Sociology
Ralph Madlalate
Isabella Luisa Mariani Law and Political Economy, Political Theory, Immigration Law and Migration Theory, Technology Law and Regulation
Mitzia E. Martinez Castellanos Immigration, Citizenship, Legal Consciousness, Legal Violence, Law & Identity
Melissa McCall
Brie McLemore Surveillance Studies, Policing, Black Feminist Theory, Urban Studies, Privacy Law, Sociology of Law, Science and Technology Studies
Dorna Mohaghegh Law and politics, legal and democratic theory, public law, public opinion
Todd Neece access to justice, social movements, legal scholarship
Lucas Osborne Political economy, critical theory, political theory, philosophy and methodology of the social sciences, American and European histories of social science, science and technology studies, ecological thought, the administrative state, neoliberalism, and advanced forms of capitalism
Yael Plitmann
Peyton Provenzano
Laura Ramírez Legal History, property, international law, natural law, political economy
Celina Romano psychology of bias, anti-discrimination, diversity and inclusion, diversity resistance, perceptions of diversity
Nina Russell U.S. corporate law; national security; political economy
Zabdi Salazar Immigration Law, Refugee Law and Policy, Administrative Law, Public Law, Sociology of Law
Doug Sangster Legal history, health law, disability law
Joel Sati Philosophy of Law, Criminal Law, Immigration Law, Social and Political Philosophy, Social Epistemology, Philosophy of Race
Daimeon Shank-Dumont
Legal history, international law, federal Indian law, administrative law, criminal law, property law, legal theory
Sid Schlafman twentieth century queer history, social control, deviance, rights, social construction of identity, social construction of crime
Meredith Spoto
Rachel Terrell-Perica
Cristina Violante Legal and Environmental History, Hermeneutics and Legal Interpretation, Social Theory, Postcolonial Theory
Reid Whitaker
Pauline White Meeusen Law and Social Movements; Legal Mobilization; Immigration Law and Policy; Legal Profession; Gender, Race, and Class and Immigration
Naomi Yitref
Dvir Yogev Politics of Crime and Justice, Political Behavior and Psychology, Experimental Methods, Law and Public Opinion
Anna Zaret
evidence, torts, police violence, health sciences, political theory, political economy