Jorge Cortés-Monroy

PhD Student in Jurisprudence and Social Policy

History of Legal Thought, Jurisprudence, Social Theory, Political Theory.

Jorge Cortés-Monroy is a Chilean lawyer and a PhD student in the Jurisprudence and Social Policy program at Berkeley Law. He received his Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences from the University of Chile Law School and his LL.M. from Berkeley Law. Jorge is qualified to practice as a barrister in Chile, where he worked at the Chilean Office of the Criminal Prosecutor. Before coming to Berkeley, he also spent a year as a visiting researcher at the University of Auckland Law School, New Zealand, conducting research on theoretical issues of fact-finding processes in Criminal Law. Jorge’s research interests lie at the intersection of law, social theory, and political theory, with particular attention to the history of legal thought. He's currently working on the contribution that law can make in the institutional organization of social relations of recognition.

Master of Laws (LL.M.). University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. Bachelor of Laws and Social Sciences (LL.B.), Universidad de Chile, School of Law.