Study Abroad

Our students are encouraged to take advantage of the study abroad opportunities available, whether it be spring, summer or fall.

As a Legal Studies major, you are allowed to use up to two law-related courses to fulfill the Area (aka: Distribution) requirements.
Core requirements and prereqs cannot be fulfilled abroad.

1)  First check out the Berkeley Study Abroad site for information and to see what steps you'll need to take.
Take advantage of their office hours as well. There are peer advisors who have been abroad and can help you with your questions.

2)  Once you've figured out your country, check out the different schools/programs available and then look at past classes that have been offered. Usually you won't know the exact courses being offered when you plan to go, but take a look anyway.

3)  If you'd like to fulfill up to two Area requirements abroad, find up to two descriptions for substantially law-related courses and send them to for review.

4)  After the course descriptions have been reviewed, if approved for the major, Lauri will write you back to let you know which Areas the courses fall into.

If you arrive at your new school and those approved courses aren't available to you, send Lauri up to two new law-related descriptions and we'll check them out. 

Our best advice is to Study Abroad!!