Legal Studies Courses & Syllabi

The Legal Studies Program offers a robust selection of courses each semester and during Summer Sessions. The Program also offers special topics courses each semester under LS 110 (Special Topics Lectures, and LS 190 (Special Topics Seminars) based on the research interests of the faculty. The ‘Areas’ for the 110 lecture courses and the 190 seminars are noted in the ‘Course Offerings’ section of this website.

Each of the classes is marked with a Roman numeral to indicate the Area to which it belongs. Some courses are listed in more than one Area, but can only be used to satisfy one Area (not more than one). All courses taken for the major must be taken for a letter grade.

*****NOTE: P/NP and DPN grades in prerequisite courses, upper div Area courses and Core classes Sp20, Fa20, Sp21, Su21, and Fa22 will be accepted for the major.******

LS 110 Special Topics Lectures – These courses have lecture with a required discussion section. The topics change from term to term and we recycle the numbers, so the only way to find out which Areas they may fall under, you must look under ‘Course Offerings’ for the semester in which you are taking the course.

LS 190 Special Topics Seminars – These are upper division courses that do not have discussion sections or GSIs. Seminars are designed to be smaller in size and involve more discussion. LS 190’s count towards the Distribution requirements. Because we recycle the numbers every semester, check under ‘Course Offerings’ for the semester in which you are taking the course to find which Area(s) it falls under.

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