Emeritus Faculty


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Elena Zhukova
Robert Cooter

rcooter@law.berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-255-0314

Law and Economics - Ph.D., Economics, Harvard University business law, contracts, torts
Malcolm Feeley

mfeeley@law.berkeley.eduTel: 510-642-7976 | Fax: 510-642-2951

Law and Society
Robert A. Kagan

rkagan@law.berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-642-4582

Law and Society
David Lieberman

dlieberman@law.berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-643-2667 

Law and History - Ph.D., History, London University history of legal ideas, legal theory

Kristin Luker

kluker@law.berkeley.eduTel: 510-642-4038

Law and Society

Daniel Rubinfeld

drubinfeld@law.berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-642-1959

Antitrust | Law and Economics

Harry Scheiber

hscheiber@law.berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-643-9788

International and Comparative Law | Law and Society

Franklin Zimring

fzimring@law.berkeley.edu | Tel: 510-642-0854 

Criminal Law – J.D., University of Chicago legal policy, criminal sanctions, policing