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JSP Alumni

Nothing better represents the unique qualities of the JSP program than its graduates.The first Ph.D. in Jurisprudence and Social Policy was awarded in 1984. Since then, a steady stream of JSP students have completed theses and moved into top academic and research jobs. JSP’s proven excellence in graduate training is amply displayed in the distinguished careers of its graduates.

Alumni members of the JSP community now comprise a significant and truly international community of teachers and researchers who have helped shape current directions in law and society studies. Their publications have garnered prestigious awards, and they occupy important academic and professional positions.


Most graduates of the JSP Program embark on academic careers. But there is an unusual variety of institutional settings where JSP graduates obtain their appointments. JSP alumni have been hired to teach in traditional departments (Political Science, Sociology, History, Criminology); in professional schools (Law, Management); and in many different interdisciplinary programs (Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Womens Studies, American Studies, Asian American Studies). JSP graduates currently teach at leading universities in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. In the U.S., graduates have been appointed to the faculties of small liberal arts colleges (Bryn Mawr College, Bard College); large research universities (Harvard University, Duke University, University of Southern California, Emory University); private schools (Amherst College, University of Denver, University of Pennsylvania), and many public institutions (University of Michigan, University of Illinois, University of New Hampshire, University of Wisconsin, U.C. Irvine, U.C. Santa Barbara, and U.C. Berkeley).

Completed Dissertations

JSP dissertations, taken collectively, constitute an important contribution to the social and philosophical study of law, and encompass an impressive array of subject-matters and methodologies. Our distinguished alumni are listed here with the title of their dissertations.

Richard Howard Rahm 1978 Retribution and Modernism: Towards a Moral Theory of Punishment
Martha-Elin Blomquist 1978 Politics, Corrections, and Juvenile Justice: Changing Correctional Ideology, Institutional Organization, and Release Policy of California's Yo*
Barbara Leibhardt 1985 Law, Environment, and Social Change in the Columbia River Basin: The Yakima Indian Nation as a Case Study, 1840-1933
Jonathan Steven Simon 1982 From Discipline to Management: Stategies of Control in Parole Supervisi on 1890-1990
Lawrence Walter Ruth 1978 Responsiveness and Responsibility: Planning and Administration under the National Forest Management Act
Victoria Alice Saker 1983 Benevolent Monopoly: The Legal Transformation of Agricultural Cooperati on, 1890-1943
Maureen Ann Young 1981 Why Regulatory Reform Fails: A Study of the U.S. Banking System
Eric Saul Haiman 1984 Jurisprudence and Adjudication in the Civil Restraint in the Mentally Ill
Rosann Greenspan 1980 The Transformation of Criminal Due Process in the Administrative State: The Targeted Urban Crime Narcotics Task Force
Jeffrey Denys Goldsworthy 1981 Moral Skepticism and Legal Reasoning
John Robert Burroughs  1981 Nuclear Obligations: Nuremberg Law, Nuclear Weapons, and Protest
Linda Ross Helyar 1984 Grace and Justice
Charles Frederick Lester 1985 The Search for Dialogue in the Administrative State: The Politics, Policy and Law of Offshore Oil Development
Kevin Patrick Quinn 1985 Allocating Medicine and the Common Good: In Search of a Public Philosophy for American Health Care
Jill Sari Frank 1987 Identity and Difference in Aristotle's Treatment of Property
Mark Stephen Howenstein 1986 The Moral Limits of Legal Obligation: Contrasting Conceptions of Civil Disobedience from Freedom to Necessity
Marcia Hampton Rioux 1982 The Equality-Disability Nexus: The History and Law of Mental Handicap in Canada
William Thomas Gallagher  1984 Controlling Professions: The "Crisis" of Professional Self-Regulation in the California Bar
Richard Angelo Leo 1990 Police Interrogation in America: A Study of Violence, Civility and Social Change
Eric Adam Feldman 1985 Rights in Japan: Customs, Concepts and Conflicts
Noga Morag-Levine 1988 Chasing the Wind: Reactive Law, Environmental Equity and Localized Air Pollution Regulation
Jeremy Nathan Elkins 1981 The Perspective of Political Justice
Steven Alan Childress 1984 Appeal and Error in First Amendment Adjudication
Stephen David Gillespie 1989 The Transformation of American Public Law: Promotion and Regulation in California, 1950 to 1990
Carl Jonathan Bauer 1988 Against the Current? Privatization, Markets, and the State in Water Rights: Chile, 1979-1993
John Wright Sither 1986 Form, Substance, and History in Max Weber's Sociology of Law
Nancy Ann Weston 1986 The Law of Accidents: Tort Theory and the Metaphysics of Will
Nicholas Gonzalez Yuen 1985 Lives of Resistance, Communities of Support: Microstructural Processes In The Recruitment And Retention Of High Cost and High Risk Political Activists In The War Tax Resistance Movement
David Ted Johnson 1989 The Japanese Way of Justice: Prosecuting Crime in Japan
Stephen Rogers Latham  1988 Emerson in the Workplace: A Theory of Professionalism from the Inside Out
Brad R Roth 1992 Governmental Illegitimacy in International Law: An Emerging Norm in Theoretical Perspective
Paul Stringham Edwards 1987 Corporate Reorganization and Bankruptcy in Silicon Valley
Brian Paul Gill 1990 The Jurisprudence of Good Parenting: The Selection of Adoptive Parents, 1894-1964
Melanie Myers 1984 Culpability and Consequences: A Study of Felony Murder
Robert Alan Hennig 1989 Between the Margins: Party Politics and Committee Power in Conference Committees of the U.S. House of Representatives
Ann Michele Lucas 1987 The Dis(-)ease of Being a Woman: Rethinking Prostitution and Subordination
Thomas B Ginsburg 1992 Growing Constitutions: Judicial Review in New Democracies
Laura Beth Nielsen 1992 License to Harass: Offensive Public Speech, Legal Consciousness, and Hierarchies of Race, Gender, and Class
Donna Clare Schuele 1981 A Robbery to the Wife: Culture, Gender and Marital Property in California Law and Politics, 1850-1890
Daniel Robert Krislov 1991 Interest Groups and the Formulation of Federal Crime Policy: The Origins and Funding of the 1994 Federal Crime Bill
John Sung Woo Park 1993 Legislation Unworthy of a Brave and Manly People: Membership and Belonging in Liberal Political Theory and American Public Law
Bronwen Margot Morgan 1993 Social Citizenship in the Shadow of Competition: The Bureaucratic Politics of Regulartory Justification in Australia
Susan Poser 1988 Rights, Remedies, and Organizational Change: A Theory for School Desegregation
Sam Kamin 1992 The Death Penalty and the California Supreme Courts: Politics, Judging and Death
Amy Lyn Toro 1990 Standing Up for Listeners' Rights: A History of Public Participation at the Federal Communications Commission
Neil S. Siegel 1996 Intransitivities Protect Minorities: Interpreting Madison's Theory of the Extended Republic
Catherine Albiston 1991 The Institutional Context of Civil Rights: Mobilizing the Family and Medical Leave Act in the Courts and in the Workplace
Shai Joshua Lavi 1995 The Modern Art of Dying: The History of Euthanasia in the United States
Karl Blaine Shoemaker 1996 Sanctuary Law: Changing Conceptions of Wrongdoing and Punishment
Idit Kostiner 1996 Conflicted Legalities: A Cultural Analysis of Law and Activism
Anna R. Kirkland 1997 Personhood and Identity in American Law
Amy Steigerwalt 1997 Cultivating Controversy: Senators, Interest Groups and the Politics of Courts of Appeals Confirmations
Adam B. Badawi 1998 Essays on Legal and Extra-Legal Ordering
Yuval Feldman 1999 Confidential Know-How Sharing and Trade-Secrets Laws: Studying the Interaction between Legality, Social Norms and Justice among High-Tech Employees in Silicon Valley
Mark Antaki 1996 A Genealogy of Crimes Against Humanity
Hadar Aviram 2001 Managing Disobedience as Crime: Legal and Extra-Legal Disocurse in Addressing Unauthorized Absences and Conscientious Objection to Military Service in Israel
Bradley W. Bryan 2000 Code Dependency: Biotechnology and the Embrace of Biopolitics
Alexandra Huneeus 1997 The Dynamics of Judicial Stasis:
Judges, Pinochet-Era Claims, and Judicial Legitimacy in Chile (1998-2005)
Susan M. Dennehy 1999 Shifting Family Boundaries: State Courts, Functional Parents, and the Expansion of Parental Status
Joshua C. Wilson 1999 Rights, Process, & Political Passions: A Study of Three Anti-Abortion Protest Regulation Cases
Dorit Rubinstein 2000 Regulatory Accountability: Telecommunications and Electricity Agencies in the UK, France and Sweeden
Chrysanthi S. Leon 2001 Compulsion and Control
Sex Crime and Criminal Justice Policy in California, 1930-2007
Shahla Farzaneh Maghzi Ali 2002 International Arbitration and Mediation in East Asia:
Examining the Role of Domestic Legal Culture and Globalization on Shaping East Asian Arbitration
Jacqueline S. Gehring 1999 Race, Law, and Politics in the European Union
Shalini P. Satkunanandan 1999 The Turn: Plato, Kant, and Heidegger on the Encounter with the Ground of Obligation
Lyndsay M. Campbell 2001 Truths and Consequences: The Legal and Extalegal Regulation of Expression in Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, 1820-1840
Michael D. Gilbert 2002 Law, Politics, and Preferences: An Economic Analysis of Direct Democracy and the Single Subject Rule
Mark Massoud 2002 Who Rules the Law? How Grovernment, Civil Society, and Aid Agencies Maniputale Law in Sudan
Rebecca Curry 1997 Making Law with Lawsuits: The Politics of Judicial Review in Federal Campaign FInance Policy
Matthew Jude Egan 1997 The Stewardship Claim at Los Alamos National Laboratory: Managing
Hazardous Legal and Regulatory Environments
Brian J. Broughman 2003 Oppurtunistic Conduct and Governance Structure in Startup Firms
Timothy L. Meyer 2003 The Evolution of International Law
Tamara R. Lave 2005 Constructing and Controlling the Sexually Violent Predator: An American Obsession
Robert Tennyson 2000 Private Legislation:
Function and Procedure in the Eighteenth Century
Ross Astoria 2002 Judging the Decalogue: The Ten Commandments and the Establishment Clause
Hamsa M. Murthy 2000 Justice and the Foreigner: Illegal Alienage and the Dilemmas of Law and Government in Modern America
Takeshi Akiba 2001 The Evolution of State and Federal Citizenship in the United States
David E. DePianto 2004 Happiness in Law and Policy: Two Empirical Studies
Jennifer M. Denbow 2004 Reproducing Autonomy
Willow Mary Meyer 2002 Beyond the Seas: Eighteenth-Century Convict Transportation and the Widening Net of Penal Sanctions
Ariel Meyerstein 2003 On the Effectiveness of Global Private Regulation: The Implementation of the Equator Principles by Multinational Banks
Judith A. Randle 2003 Victim Assistance in the Age of Victims' Rights: A Study of California's County Victim-Witness Assistance Programs
Ming H. Chen 2004 Regulatory Rights: Civil Rights Agencies Translating "National Origin Discrimination" into Language Rights, 1965-1979
Alexander S. Rosas 2004 Diversification of the Republic: Cultural Diversity in Contemporary France
Lynette J. Chua 2005 How Does Law Matter to Social Movements? A Case Study of Gay Activism in Singapore
David Yieh Hunn Kwok 2006 The Private Enforcement of Government Interests Under the False Claims Act
Edith Celine Marie Kinney 2001 The Political Economy of Globalizing Sex Norms:
Tracing the Trajectory of tanti-trafficing Reforms
Pamela Coukos 2005 Hostile Environment? The Development of Sexual Harassment Law in the United States 1971-1991
Shauhin Ahmadi Talesh 2006 Manufacturing Consumer Protection Law: The Private Construction of Public Legal Rights
Pablo Rueda 2004 From the Law to the Market: the Campaign of the U'wa Indigenous People in Colombia (1995-2010)
Keramet Ann Reiter 2006 The Most Restrictive Alternative: The Origins, Functions, Control, and Ethical Implications of the Supermax Prison, 1976 - 2010
Wei Zhang 2007 Constitutional Environment and Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Study
Larisa Mann 2004 Decolonizing Copyright: Learning from the Jamaican Street Dance
Jamie Rowen 2005 Truth in Transition: The Politics of Mobilization in the Wake of State-Sponsored Violence
Stephen Davis Carniglia 2003 Law, Politics and Markets of Corporate Governance: Institutional Investors' Influence
Hillary L. Berk 2006 The Legalization of Emotion: Risk, Gender and the Management of Feeling in Contracts for Surrogate Labor
Ashley T. Rubin 2007 Institutionalizing the Pennsylvania System: Organizational Exceptionalism, Administrative Support, and Eastern State Penitentiary,
Douglas M. Spencer 2007 Regulating the Political Process
Kerstin B. Carlson 1998 Model(ing) Law: The ICTY, the International Criminal Justice Template, and Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslavia
Kimberly Alexa Koenig 2007 Indefinite Detention / Enduring Freedom: What Former Detainees' Experiences Can Teach Us About Institutional Violence, Resistance and the Law
Janette D. Catron 2003 Ethics on the Ground: Egg Donor Agency Behavior in an Unregulated Legal Environment and the Growth of Ethical Norms in a New Field
Veena B. Dubal 2003 Driving Freedom, Navigating Neoliberalism: San Francisco Taxi Workers, Juridical Precarity, and the Politics of Work Law
Gwendolyn Manriquez Leachman 2005 Legalizing LGBT Politics:
Litigation and the Construction of Social Movement Agendas
Christina Stevens Carbone 2006 The Promise of Accountability: Countering Racial Bias in Decision-Making
Stephen M. Rushin 2009 Structural Reform Litigation in American Police Departments
Ana Kathryn Anne Henderson 2008 Shaping Issues: News Media Framing of Proof of Citizenship Requirements to Register to Vote
Genevieve Painter 2009 Partial Histories: Constituting a Conflict between Women's Equality Rights and Indigenous Sovereignty in Canada
Kony Kim 2006 Restoring Human Capabilities After Punishment: Our Responsibilities Toward Incarcerated Americans
John W. Bliss 2007 The Dynamics of the Professional Self: Findings from Law School and Early Law Careers
Lauren Maisel Goldsmith 2009 Fake Federalism: How American "Federalism" Works and Why It Doesn't
Cristian Villalonga Torrijo 2010 The Rhetoric of Legal Crisis. Lawyers and the Politics of Juridical Expertise in Chile (1830-1990)
Nicole S. Lindahl 2008 Intimate Bonds: Dislocation, Survival, & Resistance in the Era of Neoliberal Punishment
Ayako Hirata 2010 Regulatory Ambiguity: How Inter-Office Interaction Defines Japanese Environmental Law
Adam D. Hill 2008
Hannah S. Laqueur 2010
Minhao Benjamin Chen 2013 Essays on the Cost-Benefit Administrative State
Ryan William Copus 2010 Machine Learning and the Reliability of Adjudication
Mayra Feddersen 2010 The Bureaucratic Politics of Legal Reform: Chile as an Exceptional Case
Kelsey Ward Mayo 2009 Law and Discretion in California Charter School Oversight
Helen Elizabeth Hartnell 1998 Europeanizing Civil Justice in Amsterdam (1997) and Tampere (1999): Legal Elites and the Politics of Private International Law, Civil Procedure and the Administration of Justice in the European Union
Megan Claire Wachspress 2007 The Criminal and the Enemy in Seventeenth Century English Thought
James Cleith Phillips 2009 Political Diversity and the Legal Academy: Three Empirical Studies
James Richard Dillon 2011 Epistemic Institutions: Law’s Encounters with Knowledge
Joy E. Milligan 2011 The Segregation State: Administrative Constitutionalism and Federal Agencies’ Resistance to Brown
Julian Nyarko 2011 Empirical Essays on the Enforcement of Domestic and International Contracts
Mina Barahimi 2009 Deporting Due Process: A Study of Race and Structural Coercion in "Voluntary" Departure at the U.S.-Mexico Border
Alexandra T. Havrylyshyn 2011 Free for a Moment in France: How Enslaved Women and Girls Claimed Liberty in the Courts of New Orleans (1835-1857)
Vasanthi Venkatesh 2012 Rethinking the Temporary, Reconstituting the Citizen: Rights Mobilization by Temporary Foreign Workers in Comparative Perspective
David S. Louk 2009 Law's Audiences
Sarah Monira Ludin 2010 The Reformation Suits: Litigation as Constitution-Making in a German Imperial Court, 1521-1555
Johann August Koehler 2012 Making crime a science: The rise of evidence-based criminal justice policy
Asad A. Rahim 2012 Diversity to Deradicalize
Brittany Bilder Arsiniega 2013 Danger and Data Collection in American Policing
Chase Smith Burton 2012 Republican Monsters: The Cultural Construction of American Positivist Criminology, 1767-1920
Mary Caitlin Unkovic 2011 When Dodge v. Ford Meets Ben & Jerry’s: Reconciling 100 Years of Bad Precedent with the Reality of Modern Business
Aniket Kesari 2014 Essays on U.S. Data Protection Law & Policy
Mary Agnes Savino Hoopes 2008 Empirical Studies of the State’s Treatment of Noncitizens in the United States: A Mixed Method Approach
Lindsay C. Parham 2011 The Logics of Consent: how organizations construct women's risks and responsibilities in prenatal testing
Tobias Johnson Smith 2011 The Contradictions of Chinese Capital Punishment
Alan James Kluegel 2012 The Ties That Bind: The Internal Structures Of Law Firms And The Dynamics Of Law Firm Dissolution
James D. Hicks 2011 New Approaches to Old Questions in Intellectual Property
Mark Andrew Leinauer 2012 The Judicial Evaluation of Gay Male and Lesbian Parental Fitness in Custody Matters
Abigail J. Stepnitz 2014 Unsettled Truths: Law, Culture, and Credibility in Affirmative Asylum Claims 1989-2018
Gil Rothschild 2014 Refusal and Closure: Penal Supervision across Unreconciled Worlds
Colin Christensen 2014 Lawful Orders: Liberalism and the Birth of Police Discretion
Elias Lawliet 2017 The Provider's Letter: Cisgender Anxieties, Specters of Regret, and Trans Agency as Liberation
Amin Ebrahimi 2014 Why Act Legally
Kyle DeLand 2015 Land Monopoly, Property Law, and the Crises of California Settler Society, 1841-1880
Diana Reddy 2016 The Law and Social Movement Dialectic: Labor Unions, Cycles of Protest, and a Critique of (Historically Specific) Rights