Dvir Yogev


Doctoral Candidate in Jurisprudence and Social Policy (ABD)


I study the formation of criminal justice ideologies, and the effect of punitive ideology on voting behavior. 
I ask, mainly, how do people form preferences for criminal justice policy, how are these preferences affected by online media use?
I apply behavioral science approaches to the study of individuals' motivation to punish, and computational social science methods to explain digital media's effect on criminal justice discourse.

During my time in Tel-Aviv University Law School, I was the editor of the Law & Society Journal, and TA'd the required 1L Jurisprudence course, Evidence Law, and Family Law. I was a research assistance to several faculty members. After law school, I interned at the National Public Defense Office, where I participated in Supreme Court litigation and policy debates in the Israeli Ministry of Justice. 
In Berkeley, I got the Thesis fellowship to study in the LLM program, and the the Coblentz Civil Rights Endowment Fellowship. I wrote a thesis on discretionary parole under the guidance of professor Jonathan Simon. I was on the LL.M. Dean’s List at Berkeley Law.
After my LLM, I joined the JSP Ph.D. to study the politics of criminal justice from a behavioral science perspective. I participated in the ICPSR The Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques, and received the Law, Economics, and Politics Center Research Fellowship to field a series of online experiments on criminal justice attitude formation.
I teach the Supreme Court and Public Policy course discussion sections, and I presented my work at various conferences and workshops, including APSA and LSA.

BA (Linguistics), LLB, LLM, Ph.D (expected 2025)


Comparative Criminology in Algorithmic Times (with Yoav Mehozay) (forthcoming).

Yesterday’s Monsters: The Manson Family Cases and The Illusion of Parole (Book Review) RUTGERS CLCJBOOKS (2020).

Decision-Making in Parole Boards: A Critical Perspective (With Ayelet Carmeli) JUSTICE IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM? CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE IN ISRAEL Book Series: Law, Society, and Culture, Alon Harel Ed., (2018) [Hebrew]

“For the First Time, I Realized What It Means to Be Nothing”: An Interview with Eli Reifman (With Alon Harel) JUSTICE IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM? CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE IN ISRAEL Book Series: Law, Society and Culture, Alon Harel Ed., (2018) 

Wistful Reflections on Unnecessary Arrests (With Alon Harel) 234 HA-SANEGOR: THE PUBLIC DEFENSE LAW REVIEW 21 (2016) [Hebrew]