Rubi Mia Gonzales


PhD Student in Jurisprudence and Social Policy


Law & Psychology (specifically race, ethnicity, critical race studies, and the social psychological mechanisms at work within the legal system)

At the University of Texas at El Paso Rubi Gonzales worked in Dr. Michael Zarate's Social Cognition Lab studying minority injustices on the U.S. Mexico border. In this lab she conducted an experiment investigating the effects of ingroup/outgroup racism on working memory and mental health. She then became lab manager for Dr. Krystia Reed's Legal Decision Lab where she was awarded the American Psychology-Law Society Access Path (AP) Award from the Minority Affairs Committee which funded her honors thesis examining whether a victim’s narrative associated with legislation leads to more support (with a particular emphasis on the psychological processes of sympathy & dehumanization). 

She aims to apply her research through an interdisciplinary, humanistic, and social scientific approach to help begin to improve the current “justice” system and enact policy change.

Bachelor of Arts, University of Texas at El Paso (B.A. Psychology and minor in Criminal Justice)


Alvarez, M.J., Fierro-Perez, R., Gonzales, R.M., Bray, J. & Zárate, M.A. Under the skin:
Psychophysiological Consequences of Racial Discrimination (revising for submission).

Gonzales, R., Alvarez, M.J., & Corral, G. (2018). We the people of El Paso: results of the 2017
El Paso Citizen Survey. University of Texas at El Paso and the City of El Paso.

Alvarez, M.J., Arriaga Pazos, F., Gonzales, R., & Corral, G. (2018). 2017 UTEP Program to
Educate and Retain Students in STEM Tracks (PERSIST): 2017-2018 Progress
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