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August 1, 2023

Berkeley Law News

A hardware store that lost $700,000 to shoplifters illustrates the woes behind a multi-county Bay Area spike

Jonathan Simon, a professor of criminal justice at UC Berkeley’s law school, said incarcerating people over minor property crimes makes little sense. “Jail does real harm and makes it more likely the person will be arrested again,” Simon said.

Berkeley Law News

Eight New Professors Further Bolster Our World-Class Faculty“The quality of any educational institution is largely determined by the quality of its faculty and we simply could not have had a better year in our hiring,” Dean Erwin Chemerinsky says. 

July 21, 2023

Michael Banerjee's essay, "California's Constitutional University: Private Property, Public Power, and the Constitutional Corporation, 1868-1900," won second place in the California Supreme Court Historical Society's Selma Moidel Smith Student Writing Competition.

July 11, 2023

Berkeley Law News

Rising 3Ls Chloe Pan and Zabdi Salazar are expanding engagement and making changes, including how students join the journal and the way articles are selected and edited. 

July 6, 2023

Chris Tomlins was named co-winner (with Michael McCann, of the University of Washington) of the Harry J. Kalven, Jr. Prize of the Law and Society Association.  The Kalven Prize (according to the LSA) is “not a book award, nor is it a career achievement award, but is given in recognition of a body of scholarly work, including some portion of work having been completed within the past few years.” Previous Berkeley Law (JSP) winners of the Kalven Award include Philip Selznick (2003), Bob Kagan (2006), Frank Zimring (2013), Malcolm Feeley (2015), and Laurie Edelman (2018). 

Sarah Song’s book Immigration and Democracy [link] (Oxford, 2019) was recently lauded in 

June 22, 2023


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June 2, 2023

Congratulations to JSP Student Dvir Yogev who has been awarded the 2023 CSLS Graduate Student Paper Prize for his paper, Holding Justice Accountable: Intensive vs. Extensive Margins in Prosecutor Elections!

The CSLS Graduate Student Paper Prize is awarded annually to a current Berkeley graduate student whose nominated paper best represents outstanding law and society research. 

June 1, 2023

We invite you to join us on Friday, June 02 from 4:45-6:15pm to honor the life and legacy of our friend and colleague, Lauren Edelman.

The memorial will take place at the San Cristobal A, Garden Wing of the Caribe Hilton during this year's LSA Conference.

Memorial location and time for Lauren Edelman.

May 24, 2023

Congratulations to JSP Student Brianne Felsher who has been awarded an Opportunity Grant Scholarship from the Point Foundation!

The Opportunity Grant provides financial support, a community of peers, leadership training, and mentorship, to US college students from around the world and generates research to document the challenges LGBTQ students face on US campuses.

May 17, 2023

Congratulations to JSP Student Bonnie Cherry who has been awarded the 2023 CSLS Frances Coles Summer Research Grants!

The CSLS Frances Coles Summer Research Grants are designed to assist mid-career and advanced graduate students who are pursuing independent research related to law and society. The goal is to enable grant recipients to complete a major piece of research and writing during the summer of the grant.

May 12, 2023

Law enforcement prosecutions are inherently difficult, UC Berkeley law Professor Jonathan Simon allowed. State law enables police to use deadly force when they reasonably believe they are threatened; juries bring a set of presumptions into the courtroom and historically they have been swayed by testimony of police officers. Considering all these hurdles, “it’s inevitably rare that officers are charged for using force in the course of their jobs,” Simon said, let alone convicted.

May 9, 2023

May 2, 2023

Congratulations to JSP Student Haley Anderson has been awarded a Daniel E. Koshland Jr Fellowship in the Art of Teaching Writing!

The Daniel E. KoshlandJr. Art of Teaching Writing Fellowship is a grant designed to provide graduate students teaching Reading and Composition courses in 2023-24 the opportunity to improve existing and develop new pedagogical skills and practices.

April 28, 2023

April 27, 2023

Congratulations to JSP Student Diana Reddy who was offered and has accepted a tenure-track position at the UC Berkeley School of Law!

Diana Reddy will be joining the UC Berkeley School of Law as an Assistant Professor this summer. Diana will be teaching Work Law, Contracts, and seminars focusing on work, inequality, social movements, and political economy.

April 25, 2023

Congratulations to JSP Student Naomi Yitref who has been awarded the Mentored Research Award for the 2023-2024 academic year! Naomi was selected based on a two-step nomination process (departmental and campuswide), and her selection for this award reflects the university's recognition of her distinguished academic record and confidence in her promise for continued achievement.

April 24, 2023