Graduate Programs in Legal Studies

Consider more than Law School for Advanced Studies:

Are you interested in further studies to advance your careers?

Consider graduate programs, particularly those featured below and what they offer for future careers in research, public policy and the academy.

Obviously, the faculty of Legal Studies encourages your attention to the Jurisprudence and Social Policy (JSP) Program, the academic home of most of your GSIs and the leading interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary PhD that pushes the frontiers of research on law and legal institutions. But each of the programs below have features that may interest you and a couple enable you to pursue both an academic degree (MA/PhD) and a professional JD degree.

And, should you gain admission to one of the featured programs below, you may not need to take out any more loans or seek the financial support of your families while advancing your careers. Consult your professors and GSIs, or make an appointment to see Professor Jonathan Marshall, Director of Legal Studies, by emailing him:

Jurisprudence & Social Policy Program, UC Berkeley

Northwestern University JD/PhD

UC Irvine PhD Criminology, Law & Society

UC Irvine Mater of Criminology, Law & Society
UC Irvine Master of Public Policy
UC Irvine Concurrent Degree Program

Yale Law School PhD in Law

Arizona State University PhD in Justice Studies

San Jose State University Master’s Program in Justice Studies