Legal Studies Latest News as of 5/24/23

May 24, 2023


Lauri Out 5/24
1) Commencement Speeches
2) Rescue Intrnshp
3) Depositions
4) Career Placement
5) Sp24 UCEAP Ddln Extnded
6) DC Intrnshp
7) Fa23 SLC Jobs
8) APAPA Intrnshp
9) Court Watch Intrnshp
10) Apply for Honors Prog
1) Commencement Speeches
Commencement Speeches
Alexia Salazar-BIagini's Commencement speech and Chesa Boudin's Keynote Address are both posted now on our website here.
Congratulations to all of our 2023 Legal Studies graduates!
2) Rescue Intrnshp
Rescue Intrnshp

We are dedicated to improving the world for an endearing group that reciprocates with unconditional love. Namely, man’s best friend, Dogs. More precisely, dog rescue. We invite you to join us in our crusade to improve the lives of dogs, now and for the future. Our goal is simple, to strengthen our local communities, and reduce the negative impact on dogs by fostering change within the system. 

We will utilize the knowledge, experience, and skills that have gotten you to this juncture of your undergraduate career, and we will build on those - challenging you, personally and professionally – while also being respectful of your time and conscientious of your goals.

Are you a student, with at least one-year of work or internship experience, who is passionate about dogs? If you're driven by the passion to find meaningful ways to do something impactful that changes lives, our dog charity may be the place for you. With nearly 50% of US households owning a pet, the scourge of protecting man’s best friend from a dog pound is a passion that runs deep for many. Our goals are to continue to help those in the greatest need, rescuing dogs that have been traumatized and are desperate for a new beginning. Our mission is broad, the scope is similarly impactful. You WILL make a difference.

What to expect from the charity and cause:

  • Gain valuable exposure to niche legal environments, putting the skills to work that you have honed in your pre-law program, as well as throughout a lifetime of learning, in arriving at this point in your career
  • Participating in a substantial and ongoing quest to ensure the safety of dogs
  • Network with legal and business leaders across industries and develop relationships with peers from other universities across the nation
  • Invitations to broader organizational calls that are beyond the legal side - you learn as we learn - as the initiative evolves and from our partners at Foley & Lardner

Primary responsibilities:

  • Seeking students who can devote a minimum of 4 hours a week (up to a max of 20 hours)
  • As a legal intern, you will play an integral role in researching and producing memos and action on a variety of tasks
  • Current pre-law student or recent graduate
  • GPA of 3.0 or above preferred, more importantly is a strong passion for dogs
  • Strong research interest and prior work or internship experience in research-related fields is a plus, yet not required
  • Strong written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Possess unimpeachable ethics
    • Note: This is currently an unpaid internship, though certain programs may award school credit depending on specifics of your institution 

We strive to uphold the highest level of inclusion and diversity and have a no tolerance policy for departures from this commitment. At our core, we are teachers driven not only to improve the lives of dogs but also to create an enriching environment that fosters comradery, culminating in improving you.


Send us an email at Please include the typical resume as well as background as to why you believe that you would be a good fit and addition to the charity.

3) Depositions
Legal Studies Fall 2023 Announcement: An Opportunity for Undergraduates to Participate
in a Berkeley Law JD Skills Class with the OPTION of earning 1 unit of LS 199 Individual
Research Credit

In Fall 2023, undergraduates will have a unique opportunity to play the role of witnesses in a
Berkeley Law JD Professional Skills Class (Depositions: Law 246.3), taught by Professor Henry
Professor Hecht seeks six (6) students to serve as role-playing witnesses. Students selected will be expected to prepare in advance by reading a witness statement and a very limited amount of background material. Witnesses will then be expected to participate during the semester in six (6) Tuesday afternoon classes from 3:35 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., on September 19, September 26, October 17, October 24, November 14, and November 12. During those classes, you will play the role of a witness for either the plaintiff or the defendant in a mock case. Students selected must be able to commit to attending all six (6) Tuesday afternoon classes.

Professor Hecht's Depositions course is a lawyering skills course, in which Berkeley Law
students, working in small groups, simulate the process of preparing witnesses for their
depositions and then taking as well as defending their depositions. Practicing Bay Area lawyers
attend these sessions, observe the law students in action, and critique their performances. 
(Note: A deposition is a pre-trial legal procedure in which witnesses in a civil lawsuit answer questions by the opposing parties under oath, typically in a law office rather than a courtroom.)
Playing the role of a witness will allow you to gain insight into the US system of civil litigation
and to see it in operation. In addition, it will provide you with a chance to meet and talk with
Berkeley Law students and Bay Area attorneys. Finally, witnesses will earn a $50.00 Amazon
gift card for their service.

To Apply:

Please apply by e-mail to Monique Sanchez, Professor Hecht’s Faculty Assistant, at, by no later than Wednesday, September 6, at 5:00 p.m. Please
include the words “Application to be a Witness” and your last name in the subject line of your e-
mail. In your cover message, please include a brief statement about why you are interested in
taking part in this class; and attach your resume.

Students' applications will be reviewed by Professor Hecht, and he will notify students of his decisions by no later than Monday, September 11, at 5:00 p.m.

OPTION: Earn 1 Unit of LS 199 Course Credit for Supervised Independent Research with
Professor Perry

Students who choose this OPTION have the opportunity to earn one unit of LS 199 P/NP course credit for their service as a witness in Professor Hecht’s Depositions class under the supervisor of Professor Perry. In order to earn this supervised independent research credit, students will be required to do some additional readings on the civil litigation process and on the participant observation method, which are described below. At the end of the semester, students selecting this option must submit a paper of at least ten pages in length, exclusive of notes and bibliography. The requirements for the LS 199 course credit, offered by Professor Perry, are described below.

Requirements for LS 199 credit:

i. Attend all six (6) class role playing sessions, and prepare for the role plays;
ii. Take notes on what you did and what you observed, preferably in a small note pad,
organized by the date of the session; and submit the raw, handwritten pages along
with your final paper;
iii. Read materials, posted on bCourses, on participant observation methods; and consider
how those method(s) apply to your own experience;
iv. Read two chapters, posted on bCourses, from Robert Kagan’s Adversarial Legalism:
The American Way of Law, focusing especially on Chapter 6, which mentions
depositions; and
v. Papers will be graded on a P/NP basis by Professor Perry.

If you want to pursue this option, specify that in your cover message to Professor Hecht (sent to when you apply; and he will let Professor Perry know.
4) Career Placement
Career Placement

Graduates: I am a UC Berkeley Legal Studies alum now running a legal placement agency and I am looking for 2022 and 2023 Legal Studies graduates for one of my global law firm clients with offices in San Francisco & Silicon Valley. This prestigious law firm is looking to hire Case Assistants and Legal Administrative Assistants to work with their high-profile technology clients throughout the globe.  Training will be provided and no prior legal experience is required.  Salaries start in the $60K range + bonus and the firm provides a comprehensive benefits package.

My career and placement services are free to you and all inquiries are confidential.  If you are interested in more detail about these and other job opportunities please send a resume to and feel free to review my LinkedIn profile: .

Congratulations on your impressive accomplishment in graduating from UC Berkeley!

5) Sp24 UCEAP Ddln Extnded
Sp24 UCEAP Ddln Extnded
Deadlines extended for select UCEAP programs!
Apply by June 13 to these exciting Spring 2024 opportunities. 
Head to the Berkeley Study Abroad website for application information.

6) DC Intrnshp
DC Intrnshp
Here's an internship for the Council on Criminal Justice for students who are interested in criminal justice policy. The org functions as a sort of messenger, connecting evidence based on research to policymakers or practitioners who can apply the research in the real world. The senior staff all came from Pew. If you'd like to see some of the major projects on the website, you'll see the composition of the working groups and task forces are ideologically diverse in order to try to remain as bi-partisan as possible. The Council is made up of over 200 members who come from a diverse array of expertise and experiences, the intern would support a core staff of just over 20 who guide the membership through the work projects. One of the main selling points is that it's an incredible glimpse into the "sausage making" where research and policy meet. It's also a very good way to make connections with a national network of folks in the criminal justice reform space.
7) Fa23 SLC Jobs
Fa23 SLC Jobs
The SLC is hiring for Writing Tutor positions for Fall 2023. If you are passionate about writing and working in community, especially BIPOC, multilingual, and interdisciplinary students, please apply. The next review dates are 6/12 and 6/23. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.
8) APAPA Intrnshp
APAPA Intrnshp

We are excited to announce that we have extended our application deadline to May 26th. We are hoping you can share this update with your students.

For any further questions, please contact me at (707) 591-4102 or by email at Patrick Curzon Spafford & Lincoln, Inc., Operations Director

Thank you for your time and consideration. 
We have provided more information on the program below:

Bay Area Elected Office Internship Program  

The APAPA Internship Program is focused on leadership and professional development, designed for students interested in skills and experiences (such as project management) to help advance their leadership skills in government, industry, and community affairs. This nine-week program hosted by APAPA, takes place during the Summer, matching accepted interns directly with elected officials.


Interns will be expected to:

- Work 10-12 hours per week with Host Elected Official Office

- Participate in professional development workshops & training seminars 

- Must be in person in the San Francisco, Fremont, or San Mateo area


- Leadership Positions & Opportunities 

- Letter of Recommendation  

- Invitation for Future Programs 

- Professional Reference 

- Professional Development 

- Internship Credit for Applicable Majors 


Please send resume to 

Please title subject line: Bay Area Intern Applicant - "Your Name" 

Deadline: May 26th @11:59pm 

9) Court Watch Intrnshp
Court Watch Intrnshp

The Vanguard Court Watch Internship would like to invite your students to intern with our program.

Become a Vanguard Court Watch Intern!

We are looking for students interested in an exciting and challenging program monitoring and reporting court cases in the local courts. This is one of the only opportunities for undergraduate-level interns to go into the courtroom to observe live trials.

Due to covid, we are offering both online or in-person opportunities.

The Vanguard Court Watch is a non-profit organization that covers criminal cases through the California courts. It offers student interns an opportunity to gain experience in the courthouse, watch and monitor cases, and develop their journalistic writing skills for a local online publication.

Interns are sent into a virtual courtroom or attend court in person to take notes, monitor cases, and report on the happenings, as well as record observations about current court cases.

We also have opportunities for them to work on special projects like wrongful conviction cases and our COVID 19 behind bars project. 

10) Apply for Honors Prog
Apply for Honors Prog
Please be aware that the deadline to apply for the 2023-2024 Honors Program is June 15th.
You will be notified sometime in July by Professor Morrill and the Grad Fellow Bonnie Cherry of their decision.
Here are the application details.