Legal Studies Latest News as of 4/20/22

April 20, 2022


1) Fri Honors Conference!
2) Tickets on Sale: Commencement
3) Su Intrnshp w/Mayor Schaaf
4) Soc 280A
5) RNB Think Tank
6) Social Justice Career Fair
7) City Planning Su Courses
8) Gap Year Benefits
9) Su Intrnshp
10) Law School Talk
11) Political Intrnshp
12) UMCAB Moot Court
13) Lavender Graduation
14) Su Intrnshp 
1) Fri Honors Conference!
Fri Honors Conference!
Friday, April 22. 10am - 4pm
Please come to cheer on your fellow Legal Studies majors and be inspired.
This info can also be viewed on our website here.
The 15th Annual Legal Studies Undergraduate Research Conference showcases original empirical research from undergraduate scholars in the Legal Studies Honors Program. The Honors theses presented today have been developed over the 2021-22 academic year via a sequence of two research seminars and with the support of dedicated faculty mentors. The conference is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the impressive work accomplished by these promising young scholars.
 Introductory Remarks 

10:00-10:20 am
Jon Marshall, Ph.D., Assistant Dean JSP/Legal Studies
Jonathan Simon, Lance Robbins Professor of Criminal Justice Law Professor Calvin Morrill, Associate Dean for Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Panel 1: Legal and Political Consciousness of Marginalized Groups
10:20-11:30 am

Moderator: Mitzia E. Martinez Castellanos, JSP

Dana Chen
On Becoming a Leftist Activist: How Leftist Students of Color Develop, Conceptualize, and Mobilize Political Identities in the 21st Century

Alex Rodriguez
Nowhere to Hide: Life Post-SB 1070 in California for Latinx People

Shealyn Massey
The Legal Consciousness and Legal Mobilization of Queer Asian Pacific Islanders

Ibrahim Mohyuddin
On the legal consciousness of Muslim Americans

Panel 2: Law on the Frontlines During the Covid-19 Pandemic
11:30 am-12:40 pm

Moderator: Isabella Mariani, JSP

Natalie Gonzalez
Frontline Work in a Time of Crisis: Child Welfare Decisions Under Pandemic Policy

Harman Gakhal
Teaching Racial Justice on the Frontlines: Teachers and Administrators in a Rural District Fighting for Academic Freedom

Eric Esparza
Deal or No Deal: Perspectives of Public Defenders on Plea Bargaining

Jin (Julia) Yoo
The Future of Law Looks a Lot Like a Legal Vending Machine: Lawyer-Client Interaction in Technologically Mediated Legal Advice

12:40 – 1:40 pm
Lunch Break at Steinhart Court

Panel 3: Organizations & Regulation in Environmental Justice and Criminal Justice
1:40-2:50 pm

Moderator: Anthony R. Carrasco, JSP

Zoe Lee-Park
The Origins of Framing Environmental Justice

Ashley Soliman
Beyond Natural Resources: The Role of Resources in Legal Mobilization Across Environmental Justice Organizations

Emily Woods
The Politics of Failure to Mitigate Climate Litigation.

Evelyn Moradian
Realignment Reawakened: SB 823 and its Implications in California Counties for System-Engaged Juveniles

Panel 4: Law and Justice in Art, Language, Literature and History
2:50-4:00 pm          

Moderator: William Darwall, JSP

Jesus Urbano Gonzalez
Translation Crisis: Transcending Borders but not Language

Winnie Gunther
Law and Literature: Imaginations of Law in Utopian and Dystopian Literature of the 1950s/1960s

Louana Garraud
Portraits of Justice: The Art of Dispute Resolution for the Restitution of Nazi- Looted Artwork in the U.S.

Sid Schlafman
Criminal, Unnatural, Perverse and Repulsive: American Queer Activism and Social Control from 1950

4:00 pm Closing Remarks 

2) Tickets on Sale: Commencement
Tickets on Sale: Commencement
Tickets for our Legal Studies Commencement are on sale now.
Go here
Our ceremony is on Sunday, May 15th at 2pm.
Commencement details can be found on our website under the Commencement tab.
3) Su Intrnshp w/Mayor Schaaf
Su Intrnshp w/Mayor Schaaf
We are seeking highly motivated youth to apply for our summer internship program. Selected candidates will have an unparalleled experience serving the Oakland community with the Office of Mayor Schaaf.
Application Deadline: April 29th at 11:59 PM PST (Rolling-basis)
Contact (Oliver Gutierrez: or (Han Cheng: if you have additional questions about the application.
General Qualifications:
 Must be able to commit to interning for 3 months: 4/29/22 to 8/31/22.
 Must be enrolled at one of Oakland’s high schools, community college, or other 4-year education programs.
 Must be able to commit to working a minimum of 10 hours per week. (Monday-Friday)
 Must submit proof of Covid-19 Vaccination.
 Must submit the online application. 
The selected interns:
-Will join some staff meetings and will have the opportunity to meet Mayor Libby Schaaf!
-Will have the opportunity to work closely with the Mayor’s staff and/or other city departments on special projects of their mutual choosing in the areas of Art & Culture Preservation, Community Engagement, Economic & Workforce Development, Education, Housing, Intergovernmental Affairs, Media/Communications, Public Safety, and Transportation & Infrastructure.
-Will lend support with administrative tasks including data entry, constituent casework, and preparing policy or event briefings for the Mayor and staff.
-Will participate in community engagement events, two of which may occur on the weekend, and some of which may occur in the evenings.
-Will receive professional development and networking opportunities through recommendations and informational interviews.
4) Soc 280A
Soc 280A
NOTE:  This course may count towards Area I or III for the Legal Studies major.
You must contact the professor for approval:
Advanced undergraduates may be admitted on an individual basis and should inquire with the instructor. A reduced workload will be designed for them.
Fa22  SOCIOL 280A  Tue 4-6pm: LAW, PUNISHMENT, AND INEQUALITY, 3 units,  PROF. LOÏC WACQUANT: This seminar digs into the dynamics of penality, power, and inequality. We first canvas the major theoretical traditions inaugurated by Durkheim, Marx, Weber (and Elias), Foucault, and Goffman, and add feminism and Bourdieu to the mix. We then deploy these tools to probe the workings and effects of the full panoply of instruments of punishment, policing, the jail, the criminal court, probation and incarceration, parole and justice databases in relation to class disparity, ethnoracial division, gender control, urban polarization, late modernity, and neoliberalism. We close by assembling the building blocks for a robust concept of the penal state and explore the contemporary possibilities and pitfalls of criminal justice reform. 
5) RNB Think Tank
RNB Think Tank

We are very pleased to announce that after a wildly successful year, Roosevelt Network at Berkeley (RNB), Cal’s very own student-led, interdisciplinary public policy think tank, is recruiting for Associates for the 2022-2023 Academic Year as well as for our Director of Advocacy. Click here to apply or visit our website for more information on the positions. Students of all majors or prior experience with RNB are invited to apply.

RNB is one of the largest Roosevelt Network chapters on the West Coast by the highly competitive weekly engagement metric, and has made some huge accomplishments this year - hosting Applied Policy Lab, one the largest social science DeCals; launching four policy research initiatives; being invited to teach at Goldman's Public Policy/International Affairs Junior Summer Institute two years running and organizing the Alliance for Civic Engagement, with a speaker series providing two solid months of weekly policy-related programming.

By joining the RNB team, you will gain first hand experience with researching, analyzing and advocating for public policy, access to networking on campus with other student leaders and staff, the opportunity to lead an engaged and dedicated community of students.

Please feel free to email with any questions.
6) Social Justice Career Fair
Social Justice Career Fair
UC Berkeley Labor Center's career fair is happening on Saturday, April 23 from 2-4pm in 575 McCone Hall. 
Have you ever felt drawn to progressive social change? Do you ever feel compelled to work towards economic justice? Do you wish you could unite your career pursuits with work that genuinely helps others? If you said yes to any of these questions, then Cal YDSA's Rank and File Career Fair is for you! The Rank and File Career Fair is an event that seeks to promote awareness among the student body about the opportunities that exist for students to unite their personal career interests with a passion for economic justice, by educating them about the opportunities that exist for them in unionized workplaces. During the event you will hear from speakers working on the shop floors of schools, tech firms, UPS facilities, and elsewhere to hear about the opportunities that exist for you to organize on the job, and work towards a contract that empowers you and your coworkers. Food and drink will be provided free of charge. If you are interested in attending, the event will be held on Saturday 23rd from 2-4 PM in 575 McCone Hall. We hope to see you there!
7) City Planning Su Courses
City Planning Su Courses
***NOTE: These courses will not count towards the Legal Studies requirements.
The Department of City and Regional Planning is offering several Summer classes during 2022 Sessions A and C. Two of the classes will be fully online: CYPLAN 114 and ENVDES 152. All classes below are meeting synchronously.
Please see the list of CYPLAN Classes and ENVDES 152 here.
Please click here to enroll in UC Berkeley Summer Courses
Feel free to reach out to Valeria Spall at if you have any questions or issues with enrollment.
For more information regarding the UC Berkeley Summer session, click here.
8) Gap Year Benefits
Gap Year Benefits

Thursday, April 21, 2022 | 1:00-2:00 PM
Gold Room, Career Center, 2440 Bancroft Way
Are you graduating this spring or summer and still deciding on your future plans? Come and join this in-person event to learn more about how a gap year can set you up for success in the future and give you the valuable gift of time and perspective in your decision-making process. Join us for this casual, fun space to learn (and enjoy some free snacks!)
9) Su Intrnshp
Su Intrnshp

Application deadline: Friday, May 13, 2022
This program provides a means for enrolled undergraduate students toearn academic credit for domestic internships that they obtained on their own This option is especially valuable to those who are interested in one or more of the following:
  • Receiving academic credit in order to participate in an internship
  • Seeking additional credits to maintain full-time student status, graduate on time, or for financial aid
  • Reflecting upon their internship experiences in a structured manner through assignments and readings
Students who are approved by the Career Center will receive the course control number for the 3-unit, online course offered during the summer session. Remote internships based in the U.S. are eligible for consideration.
10) Law School Talk
Law School Talk
How to Be Happy In Law School

Come join us Thursday, April 21st, at NOON. 

The event is on Zoom and is open to the entire Berkeley undergraduate community.

Join Zoom Meeting:

This event will be of interest both to those interested in going to law school and those who want to understand what law school is about.

Each year, over 40,000 new students enter America's law schools. Each new crop experiences startlingly high rates of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and dissatisfaction. Kathryne M. Young was one of those disgruntled law students. After finishing law school (and a Ph.D.), she set out to learn more about the law school experience and how to improve it for future students. Young conducted one of the most ambitious studies of law students ever undertaken, charting the experiences of over 1000 law students from over 100 different law schools, along with hundreds of alumni, dropouts, law professors, and more.

We will discuss the book, and answer questions about how to approach law school on your own terms: how to tune out the drumbeat of oppressive expectations and conventional wisdom to create a new breed of law school experience altogether. We will talk about finding focus, happiness, and a sense of purpose while facing the seemingly endless onslaught of problems law school presents daily.

In preparation for the event please look over the attached excerpts from Prof. Young’s book – it’s fun reading and you will enjoy it!

Reminder: PPL Minors are expected to attend at least two events per semester.

Kathryne M. Young is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she teaches courses on social psychology, criminal procedure, and sociology of law. Young holds a JD from Stanford Law School, a Ph.D. from Stanford University, and an MFA from Oregon State University. She and her wife live in Northampton, MA.

11) Political Intrnshp
Political Intrnshp

We are hoping you could forward this opportunity to your students. We have a rolling application process, and heavily encourage students to apply as soon as possible. For any further questions, please contact me at (408) 440-7883  or by email at Thank you for your time and consideration.


Assembly Campaign Volunteer Bootcamp Internship


The Assembly Campaign Volunteer Bootcamp Internship is a professional development opportunity for university and college students to gain experience in project management by working on a local California Assembly political and communications campaign. We are now accepting applications for our 2022 Primary Internship Program on a rolling basis.


The Internship provides the following professional experience:

  • Virtual & Physical Organizing - Learning innovative methods to organize our next generation into political action.
  • Advocacy & Direct Engagement - Learning advanced skills in voter engagement & direct marketing.
  • Campaign Consulting - Learning best practices in campaign strategy development & implementation.


Interns will be expected to:

  • Work 4-6 hours per week (flexible self-scheduled hours)
  • Participate in professional development workshops and training seminars
  • Develop skills in the following: campaign strategy development, virtual/digital organizing, communications, and strategic planning


  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • Professional Reference
  • Internship Credit for Applicable Majors 


Please send resume to Michael Miller at

Please title subject line: Intern Applicant - "Your Name"

Applications accepted on a rolling basis - applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. 

12) UMCAB Moot Court
UMCAB Moot Court

Interested in appellate advocacy and enhancing your argumentation skills? Want to participate in oral and written arguments in a mock-Supreme Court setting? Then join the Undergraduate Moot Court Association at Berkeley (UMCAB). UMCAB is a 100% student-run organization dedicated to competing in moot court competitions across the country. We are a member of the American Moot Court Association (AMCA), and compete in AMCA invitationals, Regionals, and Nationals tournaments. Every May, AMCA releases a case packet containing a fictional US Supreme Court case, and it is our task to read and analyze a number of REAL US Supreme Court opinions to formulate arguments on this fictional case. Invitational tournaments are held throughout the fall semester, before Regional tournaments are held in November, and Nationals (for those who qualify) are held in January. There is also a legal brief writing competition due in December.

We are entering only our second year of operation, but have already achieved a nationally-ranked status with AMCA. If you are interested in appellate advocacy, improving your law school resume, and learning about how our constitution and legal system operate, join Moot Court today!

Apply at this link by 11:59 PM on Friday April 29th: to reserve a spot at tryouts that will take place between May 2nd and May 5th (we will contact you by email to sign up for a specific time).

Additionally, we will be holding two interest meetings over the next two weeks. Our first is Saturday April 16th at 6:00 PM, and the second is on Friday April 22nd at 6:00 PM. Register at the following link if you are interested in attending either meeting or just if you are interested in getting more information about moot court:

Please reach out to Sam Ratcliffe if you have any questions or concerns. My email is

Thanks for your time, hope to see you at tryouts, and Go Bears!

13) Lavender Graduation
Lavender Graduation

- Register Now!
14) Su Intrnshp 
Su Intrnshp

Working IDEAL Position Description (April 2022)

Summer Intern 2022

Working IDEAL provides trusted, innovative advice on inclusive workplaces, diverse talent, and fair pay to industry leaders across the nation – large and small companies, government agencies, universities, non-profits, and unions. We specialize in breaking down barriers to just and equitable workplaces and charting the path to effective, sustainable reform. We perform equity assessments and analysis of hiring, promotion and pay, culture and climate reviews, provide training and facilitation, and advise on implementing best practices to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Some examples of our recent projects include:

  • ●  Assessing recruitment, hiring and promotion for the City of Cambridge, MA – read our report here

  • ●  Advising candidates and political organizations on #campaignequity – read our handbook here

  • ●  Conducting a campus climate review for John Jay College – read our report here.

    We also provide thought leadership on a range of key DEI and civil rights issues – supporting national and state policy-makers working to expand and improve civil rights laws and policies, filing amicus briefs, and sharing our ideas in other ways.

    Join us this summer and work with our team and our network of nationally-recognized DEI practitioners. Learn more here

    Role: Summer Intern, temporary team member, reports to CEO, performs a mix of administrative and creative tasks to support Working IDEAL business. Performs substantive project work including research, interviews, analysis and writing consistent with experience level.

    Work Schedule and Location: 32 hours per week, with core work times and additional flexible scheduling options. Ideally, this internship will run from June 6 to August 12, although flexible start and end dates can be arranged with a minimum commitment of 6 weeks. Work will be performed remotely from a location of your choice, with potential opportunities to join us in person in Washington, DC for a short visit at the beginning or partway through the internship. (No housing is provided, but travel expenses will be paid if needed for the short in-person visit opportunity.)

    Primary responsibilities:
    Substantive Project Work (Estimated 40% of time)

  • ●  Assist with interview, focus group and meeting preparation, including background research, outlines and questionnaires, note taking and summaries for team

  • ●  Graduate interns may assist with survey administration and data analysis

  • ●  Conduct analysis and assist with report writing under supervision of project principals

Working IDEAL Summer Internship 2022               

Page 2

Project Coordination and Administrative Support (Estimated 20% of time)

  • ●  Assist with organizing project documents and materials

  • ●  Support project leads with scheduling and coordination as needed

  • ●  Assist with office organizational tasks

    Policy Projects and Research (Estimated 20% of time)

  • ●  Assist with updating and organizing research files

  • ●  Conduct legal, policy, academic and corporate research

  • ●  Assist with development of policy papers and proposals

    Creative Work (Estimated 20% of time)

  • ●  Create social media content, including for company Twitter, Linked In, Medium and website blog, including writing blog posts, selecting or creating images and graphics, etc. depending on your skills and interests.

  • ●  Assisting with presentations, including creating slides and graphics. 


  • ●  Undergraduate (at least one year college or equivalent) $17 per hour ($544 per 32-hour week)

    ●  Graduate (at least one year graduate study in related field of law, social science, business, or humanities or equivalent) $32 per hour ($1024 per 32-hour week)

  • ●  W-2 temporary positions, no benefits.
  • To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to Pamela Coukos via Please let us know if you need any reasonable accommodations during the hiring process. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. All applicants will be notified about the final decision on their applications.

    Working IDEAL is committed to fair and equitable hiring and employment practices and values a diverse workforce. We welcome applications from all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or religion, or veterans’ or caregiver status.