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January 19, 2021


1) Incomplete Grades Due 1/19!!!
2) EPA Intrnshp
3) Depositions
4) 190.4  Has Seats!
6) Legal Aid at Work Intrnshp
7) Fung Fllwshp
8) Johns Hopkins Law Jrnl
9) Student Conduct Pos.
10) CaHPSA
11) YWCA Racial Justice Prog
1) Incomplete Grades Due 1/19!!!
Incomplete Grades Due 1/19!!!
If you have an incomplete that is due 1/19 and you haven’t yet completed the work, you need to contact your professor right away with a completed petition to EXTEND the incomplete.
Your professor must sign the form and they must submit the form to
It cannot come from you…only the professor.
OTHERWISE it will LAPSE to an F and there is no appeal process.
If you’ve completed the work and your grade hasn’t been posted by your professor yet, you need to contact them ASAP because the absolute last deadline for them to enter your grade is January 19th.
OTHERWISE it will LAPSE to an F and there is no appeal process.
2) EPA Intrnshp
EPA Intrnshp
United States Environmental Protection Agency Pathways Intern Program 

Come work for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9! We will soon be accepting online applications for paid student internships in our San Francisco, CA office, giving junior thru graduate level students an opportunity to explore career paths and interests in the fields of environmental engineering, life & physical science, grants, finance, business, contracts, IT and environmentalism.


Students who are currently enrolled and will be continuing their enrollment towards seeking a degree in a college, trade or vocational school, or other qualifying educational institution on a full or half time basis.

Provide proof of academic status;

Maintain good academic standing;
Remain a student as long as you’re employed under the internship:

Students would work full-time during summer break;
Perform the job successfully;
Complete the required number of working hours before graduation


You must apply online through! You will need to create an account to apply. Ensure to read the announcement thoroughly as it will detail the required resume content and documents* necessary for application submission, in addition to other important details about the internship, including possible conversion to permanent federal service! These announcements will only be open for 5 business days.

* Unofficial transcripts are sufficient to apply.
EPA is an equal opportunity employer – Selection for this position will be based solely on merit without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, national

origin, political affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, marital or family status or other differences.

EPA provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please contact the Agency at (415) 972-3817. The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis.


3) 190.4  Has Seats!

190.4  Has Seats!

190.4: Judicial Politics/Supreme Courts in Latin America, Monica Castillejos, 4 units, Area IV or V

This course introduces the study of comparative constitutional law and different justice systems in Latin America. The seminar also aims to study how political dynamics shape courts, the legal profession and civil society (including justice reforms and recent court decisions) and how courts, in turn, shape politics (including the social impact of institutional rules and decisions). To better understand how the legal system in Latin America functions, the instructor will introduce and discuss recent developments of the two
main systems of law in the world (civil law and common law) and the primary theoretical approaches to understanding politics, judicial proceeding, and how domestic and international institutions and actors have interacted to consolidate democratic principles in Latin America, including Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Guatemala.

Th  2:00 pm – 4:59 pm
Class #:17254
4) Depositions

Legal Studies Spring 2021 Announcement: An Opportunity for Undergraduates to Participate in a Berkeley Law JD Skills Class with the OPTION of earning 1 unit of LS 199 Individual Research Credit

In Spring 2021, undergraduates will have a unique opportunity to play the role of witnesses in a Berkeley Law JD Professional Skills Class (Depositions: Law 246.3), taught by Professor Henry Hecht.

Professor Hecht seeks six (6) students to serve as role-playing witnesses.  Students selected will be expected to prepare in advance by reading a witness statement and a very limited amount of background material.  Witnesses will then be expected to participate in six (6) Tuesday afternoon classes from 3:35 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., on February 16, February 23, March 16, March 30, April 20, and April 7.  During those classes, you will play the role of a witness for either the plaintiff or the defendant in a mock case.  Students selected must be able to commit to attending all six (6) Tuesday afternoon classes.

Professor Hecht’s Depositions course is a lawyering skills course, in which Berkeley Law students, working in small groups, simulate the process of preparing witnesses for their depositions and then taking as well as defending their depositions.  Practicing Bay Area lawyers attend these sessions, observe the law students in action, and critique their performances.  (Note: A deposition is a pre-trial legal procedure in which witnesses in a civil lawsuit answer questions by the opposing parties under oath, typically in a law office rather than a courtroom.  This semester’s depositions will be remote via Zoom.)

Playing the role of a witness will allow you to gain insight into the US system of civil litigation and to see it in operation.  In addition, it will provide you with a chance to meet and talk with Berkeley Law students and Bay Area attorneys.  Finally, witnesses will earn a $50.00 Amazon gift card for their service.

To Apply:

Please apply by e-mail to Professor Hecht at, by no later than Friday, February 5, at 5:00 p.m.  Please include the words “Application to be a Witness” and your last name in the subject line of your e-mail.  In your cover message, please include a brief statement about why you are interested in taking part in this class; and attach your resume.

Students’ applications will be reviewed by Professor Hecht, and he will notify students of his decisions by no later than Monday, February 8, at 5:00 p.m.

OPTION: Earn 1 Unit of LS 199 Course Credit for Supervised Independent Research with Professor Perry

Students who choose this OPTION have the opportunity to earn one unit of LS 199 P/NP course credit for their service as a witness in Professor Hecht’s Depositions class under the supervisor of Professor Perry.  In order to earn this supervised independent research credit, students will be required to do some additional readings on the civil litigation process and on the participant observation method, which are described below.  At the end of the semester, students selecting this option must submit a paper of at least ten pages in length, exclusive of notes and bibliography.  The requirements for the LS 199 course credit, offered by Professor Perry, are described below.

Requirements for LS 199 credit:

  1. Attend all six (6) class role playing sessions, and prepare for the role plays;
  2. Take notes on what you did and what you observed, preferably in a small note pad, organized by the date of the session; and submit the raw, handwritten pages along with your final paper;
  3. Read materials, posted on bCourses, on participant observation methods; and consider how those method(s) apply to your own experience;
  4. Read two chapters, posted on bCourses, from Robert Kagan’s Adversarial Legalism: The American Way of Law, focusing especially on Chapter 6, which mentions depositions;
  5. Papers will be graded on a P/NP basis by Professor Perry.

If you want to pursue this option, specify that in your cover message to Professor Hecht when you apply; and he will let Professor Perry know.




The Ultimate Preparation to Help You Become a More Competitive Law School Applicant!

Designed to identify, motivate and prepare students for a career in the legal profession. Committed students can learn how to successfully navigate the law school admission process and underwrite their success in law school by participating in the College Scholars program.

·         When: Saturday, January 30, 2021 – 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

·         Where: On-line/Nationwide

·          How: Register online

  •   Who: All college students

For Freshmen:  The Road To Law School seminar aims to provide Freshmen an overview of the key components of the law school application process.

For Sophomores:  The Sophomore Super Saturdays seminar aims to help students further develop logical reasoning, reading comprehension and writing skills – the skills needed to become a competitive law school applicant.

For Juniors, Seniors/Post Graduates: Juniors Jumpstart the LSAT seminar aims to help participants understand the importance of systematic and timely preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

 CLEO is a non-profit organization.  Since 1968, CLEO has helped more than 7,000 low-income and minority students become successful members of the legal profession.  The College Scholars Program seeks to continue this standard of excellence through a collaborative effort between CLEO and colleges and universities throughout the United States.

6) Legal Aid at Work Intrnshp
Legal Aid at Work Intrnshp
Interested in civil rights law? Gender equity? Sports? Looking for a summer or year-long internship? This opportunity is for you!

Legal Aid at Work, a non-profit legal services organization based in San Francisco, is looking for a passionate undergraduate student for an internship opportunity this summer and possibly extending into the academic year.  Specifically, you will be working under Kim Turner (one of the most generous and intelligent people I have ever met) in a program called Fair Play for Girls in Sports — a program that uses legislative advocacy, litigation, and training — to ensure that girls of color and girls from low-income communities are granted the same opportunities as others. You will be helping with a variety of tasks, which can be made flexible depending on your interests and skillsets.

Studies have shown that girls who play sports have higher self-esteem, receive higher grades, earn higher wages, and are 20 percent less likely to have breast cancer. Sports can be very important for a young woman’s development!

If this seems interesting to you, feel free to email for more details.

7) Fung Fllwshp
Fung Fllwshp

Fung Fellowship Applications are Open!

The Fung Fellowship is a unique opportunity for rising juniors to create impact-driven solutions to address real-world challenges alongside our community and industry partners. Through 3-unit semesterly courses, Fung Fellows utilize the iterative human-centered design process, interdisciplinary tactics, and emerging technology in both of our offered tracks: Conservation + Tech and Health + Tech.

Please note that the Fung Fellowship accepts all majors into this program and that there is no GPA bracket, as applications will be reviewed holistically.

As a Fung Fellow you will:

  • Explore innovation and technology in your chosen track sector
  • Experience the design process from prototype to product
  • Embed in communities to co-create with them
  • Establish yourself as a young leader in an emerging field

What your first year might look like:

  • Engage in foundational experiences such as weekly lectures and hands-on lab sections, fall bootcamp, spring retreat, and interdisciplinary team projects
  • Access to exploratory opportunities such as conferences, company site visits, networking events, workshops, hackathons, and career services

Interested? Have questions?
Meet us online at either of our virtual infosessions to learn more about the program and application process. To receive reminders about the infosession, sign up for updates. Mark your calendar for:

Thursday, February 4 from 4-5pm PST
Friday, February 5 from 12-1pm PST

Information to Apply: 

8) Johns Hopkins Law Jrnl
Johns Hopkins Law Jrnl
The Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Law Review is excited to open its submissions call for the Spring 2021 journal.
We are seeking thoughtful, engaging, and well-researched articles from upper-level electives/seminars, independent studies, and thesis programs that pertain to law and legal studies and reflect our core mission of providing accessible, informed, and thought-provoking legal analysis. While we have no maximum page length, we request that all papers be a minimum of ten pages. Manuscripts should follow the Chicago Style of formatting, with endnotes and a complete bibliography.
Submissions should be sent to by Monday, March 1, 2021. For more information on our guidelines, please visit
9) Student Conduct Pos.
Student Conduct Pos.

My name is Erin Slater-Wu and I serve as the Independent Hearing Officer for student conduct cases. Part of my role is to manage the Committee on Student Conduct. Each year, the Committee on Student Conduct recruits students, faculty, and staff to serve on conduct hearing panels. These panels determine whether, based on the information presented at the hearing, it is more likely than not that a charged student violated the Berkeley Code of Student Conduct. At least one student is required for each panel; therefore the need is great for students to serve on the Committee.

We are currently recruiting students to serve on the Committee for the 2021-22 academic year, with a February 19, 2021 to submit the application form linked here. Information about the role, commitment, and requirements can be found in the attached position description document and on the application itself.

If you are interested in serving on the Committee on Student Conduct, please fill out the application form linked above. Additionally, if you would like more information or have questions, please contact Erin Slater-Wu, Independent Hearing Officer, at

As a note, all committee member trainings and hearings will be held remotely via Zoom until in person campus operations resume.

I appreciate your interest in supporting a student culture of integrity and responsibility.



10) CaHPSA


Want to learn more about America’s healthcare system? Interested in joining the fight to achieve comprehensive, affordable health care for all? Then come join the California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA)! Through our committees, we offer a number of opportunities for students to explore their interest in the healthcare system, from serving as certified health insurance enrollment counselors to petitioning lawmakers to update old health care policy. Applications are open on our website now, and no experience is necessary!


Facebook: @CAHPSABerkeley

Instagram: @CaHPSABerkeley



11) YWCA Racial Justice Prog

YWCA Racial Justice Prog

The YWCA Racial Justice/Advocacy Spring 2021 Program is now accepting applications! 

Are you passionate about racial and gender justice?

Are you interested in developing your grassroots organizing skills to advance the issues you care about?

Are you looking to build a powerful community with other young leaders, organizers and advocates united for justice?

Apply to become a member of the YWCA Racial Justice/Advocacy Cohort, Spring 2021 TODAY! 

*Accepting applications through February 1st, 2020, share with your networks!


This Spring Semester, the Racial Justice and Advocacy program will be co-collaborating and will be meeting virtually for weekly, interactive meetings. Together we will demystify the legislative process, and will explore how grassroots movement combined with policy can be used as a tool for racial justice and collective liberation. We will co-create and facilitate political education sessions and workshops centered around the issues and topics that program members are passionate about to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the history of white supremacy and systemic racism in the United States, as well as liberation movements and initiatives led by Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, Native & Communities of Color.

Through community engagement, legislative advocacy, connecting with local movements that align with the Movement for Black Lives, direct action opportunities, as well as participating in an end of semester lobby visit, we will work to deepen our leadership and advocacy skills to be able to advance issues of racial and gender justice in our community. Additionally, interested program members will have the option to take on additional leadership development by applying to join the RJ/Advocacy Stand Against Racism Planning Committee, that will be responsible for coordinating our annual YWCA Stand Against Racism Campaign!

For more information, e-mail the Program Director at