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September 28, 2020


1) BLSA Legalst Event TONIGHT!!
2) Racial Justice Talk
3) Connect-In-Place
 4) Campaign Intrnshp
 5) SLC Writing Help
 6) Law School Admssns Pnl
7) Career Center Peer Advice
 8) Cal-in-Sacramento
9) Democracy Camp
 10) Fllwshp/Grants for Rsrch
11) Analyst Job
12) Data Peer Cnsling
13) Career Help
14) Ntwrk w/Alumni
15) UCI Masters Prog
1) BLSA Legalst Event TONIGHT!
BLSA Legalst Event TONIGHT!
Interested in majoring in Legal Studies? Want to know more about Legal Studies classes?
BLSA will be hosting the first-ever Legal Studies major info session on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 AT 6 PM! Come through to learn what prerequisites you need to fulfill, what classes the major offers, and more!
-Lauri: Legal Studies major advisor (main point of contact for questions about the major, applying for the major, notifying students of opportunities, and keeping track of your requirements)
-Professor Jonathan Marshall: Director of the Legal Studies Department and Legal Studies professor
-Professor Jonathan Simon: Legal Studies professor who focuses primarily on criminal justice and mass incarceration
-Angelica Lee: Legal Studies major and BLSA Vice President
Check out the event here at our Facebook: , and follow us on Instagram @berkeleylegalstudies_ for up-to-date information and to meet our exec board!
2) Racial Justice Talk
Racial Justice Talk
Black and Jewish: Conversations About Race, Identity, Community Relations and Commitments to Social Justice
Join us in a multi-event discussion on the history of Black and Jewish relations. The series will address such topics as the history of Black-Jewish alliances from the civil-rights era to today, the role of the Jewish community in the Black Lives Matter movement, and experiences of Black Jews and intersectionality within the fight for racial justice.
Part 2: Racial Justice, Jews of Color, Jewish Community: A Talk with Ilana Kaufman
9/30 | 4-5 PM | Zoom Webinar | RSVP | Share on Facebook
Join The Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies Wednesday, September 30th to hear Ilana Kaufman, Executive Director of the Jews of Color Initiative, discuss the persisting challenges of Black-Jewish relations in America. Touching upon issues of intergroup relations, partisan isolation, and the Jewish community’s role in the Black Lives Matter Movement, Ilana will speak to the overarching importance of the Black-Jewish alliance, and the steps she believes are needed to strengthen it.
3) Connect-In-Place
Hello! My name is Sukh, and I am a junior at UC Berkeley. This summer, I worked with a team of my peers to create Connect-In-Place, a free virtual program for middle and high schoolers, with college students teaching classes ranging from coding to Bollywood dance to stress management! You can learn more about us at our <>.

As distance learning is continuing this fall, we are currently recruiting college student instructors for our 4th session (October 19 to November 13).  More instructors means more free classes for students around the world! So far, we’ve served 2,500+ youth in classes led by 200+ instructors, and we’re looking to scale our impact further.

Applications are currently open, and interviews for session 4 are being held.

Best regards,
Sukh Kaur
Co-Head of Internal Recruitment


4) Campaign Intrnshp
Campaign Intrnshp

Campaign & Project Management (CPM) Internship

Virtual Internship Program Focused on Professional Development & Winning Battleground Campaigns

The Campaign & Project Management Internship is a virtual internship program focused on professional development, project management training, campaign experiences including digital organizing, political advocacy, and virtual networking with a national political campaign. Interns will have an opportunity to work with experienced consultants and campaign professionals, and to learn best practices in political organizing and communications.

Digital Organizing: Learning innovative methods to organize our next generation into political action.
Advocacy & Direct Engagement: Learning advanced skills in voter engagement & direct marketing.
Project Management: Learning skills and tools to develop and manage campaign projects.
Campaign Consulting: Learning best practices in campaign strategy development & implementation.
Virtual Network: Developing a multi-state virtual network of campaign professionals & activist leaders.

– Work 10-12 hours per week (flexible self-scheduled hours)
– Participate in weekly professional development workshops and training seminars
– Develop skills in the following: project management, campaign strategy development, advocacy, virtual/digital organizing, communications, content development, and strategic planning

Successful interns will be eligible for:
– Leadership Positions & Opportunities
– Letter of Recommendation
– Professional Reference
– Internship Credit for Applicable Majors
– Professional Development Workshops & Seminars

Please send resume to Michael Miller at
Please title subject line: Intern Applicant – “Your Name”

Please submit your application ASAP

Final application deadline: Friday, October 2 at 11.55 PM PDT


5) SLC Writing Help
SLC Writing Help

This week, we especially want to highlight our 30-minute drop-in and 50-minute appointment options. As deadlines approach and assignments accumulate, drop-in sessions are a low-stakes way for students to gain perspective and direction. They are perfect for getting a paper off the ground, clarifying a thesis, or making a plan for further writing progress.

Appointments, meanwhile, can be scheduled on the same day or in advance. For students looking to revise a draft or enrich their argumentation, these sessions provide the necessary depth of engagement to support focused progress.

SLC Writing Program Services

6) Law School Admssns Pnl
Law School Admssns Pnl

[Virtual] Law School Admissions Panel

Wed, Sep 30 4:00 pm PDT – 5:30 pm PDT

7) Career Center Peer Advice
Career Center Peer Advice
Did you know that you can meet with a peer advisor during our drop in hours between 12:00-4:00PM, every Monday through Friday? Just check in at our virtual reception desk HERE
Drop ins are quick, 15 minute sessions and our peer advisors can support you on topics such as:
  • Career Center Services Overview
  • Resume and/or cover letter writing
  • Interviewing skills
  • LinkedIn
  • How to Use and Maximize Handshake
To learn more about our peer advisors and the services they provide, click HERE
8) Cal-in-Sacramento


Each year the Matsui Center’s Cal-in-Sacramento program sends approximately 30 Cal students to California’s capital for eight-week public service internships. Cal-in-Sacramento is the University of California’s largest — and one of the nation’s most prestigious — campus-based public service internship programs. Click here to learn more.
Deadline to apply: Friday, October 23, 2020 by 4PM
9) Democracy Camp
Democracy Camp

Over Cal’s Spring Break, students gain exposure to different facets of a public service career: legislative paths, community organizations, local, state and federal government, and philanthropy. Participants learn from presenters about the opportunities available in these fields and network with presenters and amongst themselves to create a cohort on campus—and beyond—to support their career goals. Click here to learn more.
Deadline to apply: Friday, October 30, 2020 by 4PM


10) Fllwshp/Grants for Rsrch
Fllwshp/Grants for Rsrch
The Matsui Local Government Fellowship offers students the opportunity to get firsthand municipal experience in California’s political and policy making communities. Matsui Center staff help place students in a local government internship of their choice. The internship involves full-time work during the summer and students receive a $1000 stipend to help with living costs and transportation. 
Deadline to apply: Monday, February 15, 2020 by 4PM
Charles H. Percy Undergraduate Grant for Public Affairs Research:
The Institute of Governmental Studies will award up to four research grants in the amount of $500 each to UC Berkeley undergraduate students who are conducting research on an aspect of American politics, including public opinion, electoral behavior, civic participation, government institutions, social movements, and public policy. Click here to learn more.
Deadline to apply: Monday, November 30, 2020 by 4PM

Mike Synar Graduate Research Fellowship:
The Institute of Governmental Studies will award three Synar Graduate Research Fellowships of $3,000 each. The Mike Synar Graduate Research Fellowship is awarded to distinguished UC Berkeley graduate students who are writing their dissertations on an aspect of American politics, including comparative research across nations with the United States as a major case. Click here to learn more.
Deadline to apply: Monday, November 30, 2020 by 4PM

The John Gardner Public Service Fellowship Program selects three Fellows from the graduating class of UC Berkeley and provides each a $35,000 stipend to work in the governmental or nonprofit organization that most closely fits their public sector interests. Fellows are matched with a senior-level mentor during their 10-month fellowship. Past fellows have been placed at the Department of Justice, UN Global Pulse, and California Governor Newsom’s office. The goal of the John Gardner Fellowship is to provide meaningful postgraduate leadership opportunities for UC Berkeley’s best students.  Applications can be found here.
Deadline to apply: Friday, January 29, 2021.

To receive information on Matsui Center fellowships and programs, please sign up here.  Questions? Contact IGS and Matsui Center Program Manager Sonia Moctezuma,

11) Analyst Job
Analyst Job
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is recruiting this fall for the Director’s Financial Analyst position, and we want to encourage graduating seniors to apply. Would you be willing to forward the information below to any students in your department who may be interested? We are hiring for positions that begin in July 2021, and Class of 2021, 2020, and 2019 graduates are eligible to apply.

This unique, two-year rotational fellowship sits at the intersection of the federal government and the financial services industry. Director’s Financial Analysts are given the opportunity to hone analytical and problem-solving skills while helping to make markets for consumer financial products work for Americans. Members of the Director’s Financial Analyst Program will experience diverse roles, responsibilities, and areas of expertise. As a result, in a short period of time, analysts will play an integral role in everything the Bureau does, from rigorous data-driven policy creation and market monitoring to on-site supervision of market participants.
All analysts will complete developmental rotations in offices throughout the CFPB. These rotations are designed to provide exposure to the analysis, strategy, research, education, policy development, supervision, enforcement, and rulemaking activities throughout the Bureau.
We are recruiting for positions that begin after the 2020-2021 academic year.

Director’s Financial Analysts have used the program to develop their professional skills and grow their public service networks within a collaborative cohort environment. Alumni of the DFA program have moved on to graduate programs (e.g. Stanford Law, Princeton MPP, Dartmouth MBA), public sector opportunities (e.g. DC city government, Federal Reserve Banks), private industry, and other divisions within the CFPB.


To officially apply, students will need to do so at during our live application window on USAJobs. The window will be from October 19th – November 13th. Students who send an email demonstrating interest will be notified when the application becomes available.


Please encourage interested students to send an email to If they have additional questions about the position or the application process, they can also reach out to me at

The Bureau will be hosting information sessions about the DFA Program and the application process, including a question-and-answer period, conducted over WebEx. They will take place on the following dates:

Session 1:  Tuesday, October 6, 2020 (6PM Eastern)
Session 2:  Friday, October 23, 2020 (12PM Eastern)
Session 3:  Monday, November 2, 2020 (2PM Eastern)
Session 4:  Thursday, November 12, 2020 (5PM Eastern)

12) Data Peer Cnsling
Data Peer Cnsling

Data Peer Consulting Program is in the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society. Our program strives to help make data science accessible across the broader campus community, by aiming to help any UC Berkeley affiliated persons with anything that involves data such as research, projects, or modules. Regardless of your field of study, experience, or background we wish to make data science available to all.

Data Peer Consulting Services

Data Peer Consulting is available this fall (started September 8!) to help you with all of your Jupyter notebook, SQL, data visualization, and other data science needs for free (we’re funded by the Student Tech Fund). Visit our website to learn more about the peer consultants and to find one that can help you! Our services include:

  • Virtual Office Hours

    • Open M-F, 11am – 4pm

  • Appointment Consultations

  • Workshops, Mini Projects, Collaborations

    • Stay tuned on our Facebook Page to learn about upcoming workshops

    • Email us if you’d like to connect!


13) Career Help

Career Help

Know Yourself for L&S: Exploring Your Interests & Skills to Identify Careers

Thu, Oct 1 4:00 pm PDT – 5:30 pm PDT


14) Ntwrk w/Alumni

Ntwrk w/Alumni

Hear the stories of Cal alums, current students, and recent alums from the Class of 2020 in this multi-industry networking event! Homecoming Connect will feature alums sharing their career tips and post-grad life advice.
This virtual panel will be followed up by breakout networking rooms where alums can connect and discuss various topics. This is a great opportunity for students to connect and alums to reconnect with the Cal community.
Sponsored by: Cal Student Philanthropy, Next Generation Philanthropy, The Career Center


15) UCI Masters Prog

UCI Masters Prog

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2021

The School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine offers an online Master of Advanced Study (MAS) degree in Criminology, Law and Society.  Courses are taught by expert faculty members with a curriculum designed to help working professionals advance in their careers and help graduates further their education. The program has raised the standard for online learning with innovative learning platforms that make it easy to interact with instructors.  It is currently ranked No.1 by US News and World Report.

The curriculum emphasizes theoretical and practical applications, central to crime and its control, social policy and the law.   You will be taking courses in Public Policy, Crime and Criminal Justice; White Collar Crime;  Miscarriage of Justice and others.

Live Virtual Info Session

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Location: Online via Zoom

Live Virtual Info Session
Friday, November 20, 2020
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Location: Online via Zoom

Live Virtual Info Session
Friday, November 18, 2020
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Location: Online via Zoom