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October 6, 2021


1) Need an Area course?
2) Peace Corps Events
3) Rsrch Job
4) Pipeline Initiative in Poli Sci
5) David L. Kirp Prize
6) Pub Svc/NonProfit Fair
7) Study Abroad Week
8) Phase 1 is coming!!!

1) Need an Area course?
Need an Area course?
Yes! You can fulfill the Area requirements with LS 190’s.
They are just like the lecture courses, only they do not have discussion sections, they are smaller in size and have many different topics.

Students often take more than one 190 because they enjoy them so much.

Because we recycle the 190 numbers each semester, you’ll just need to check ‘Course Offerings’ for the semester you’re taking it to see which Area(s) it falls under.
Here’s a quick list of Sp22 titles:

190.1:  Constitutionalism Before the Constitution, Hoekstra, 4 units, Area IV or Area V
190.2: Int’l Courts & Human Rights, Lisa Reinsberg, 4 units, Area IV or Area V
190.3: Medical Ethics & Law, Rivka Amado, 4 units, Area II or Area IV
190.4: History of the Prison, Lieberman, 4 units, Area I or Area IV
190.5: Comparative Criminal Justice Reform, Hadar Dancig Rosenberg, 4 units, Area I
190.6:  Constitutional Jurisprudence: Liberty/Equality, Pomerantz, 4 units, Area IV or V
190.7: Truth, Justice and Reconciliation: Responses to State Violence, Julie Shackford-Bradley,  4 units, Area II or Area IV
190.8: Natural Law & Constitutional Interpretation, Steven F. Hayward & Janice Rogers-Brown, 4 units, Area IV or Area V
190.9: Plea Bargaining in Anglo-American Law, Mary Vogel, 4 units, Area I or Area IV

2) Peace Corps Events
Peace Corps Events
Celebrate Peace Corps Week at UC Berkeley by attending these virtual events:
Join Kerry Carmichael, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and UC Berkeley Recruiter to learn about this amazing public service opportunity to immerse yourself in a community abroad, working side by side with local leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges of our generation.

3) Rsrch Job

Rsrch Job

 Here is a job opportunity to work with a grad student in the School of Education.
The Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) will conduct library and/or archival research, with a specific focus on researching legal cases, identifying judicial decisions, and providing summaries to assist the fellow in dissertation research”.
They would be a part of The Black Studies Collaboratory, an incredible cohort of scholars!

Application review will begin Oct 1.

4) Pipeline Initiative in Poli Sci
Pipeline Initiative in Poli Sci
Political Science has created a program, known as the Pipeline Initiative in Political Science (PIPS, for short), which is designed to help students learn about what it means to earn a PhD in political science and how to prepare for and apply to PhD programs.
The program is open to students who are in at least their second year of college studies. The program is focused on helping students who are first-generation college students, from historically minoritized or underrepresented groups, or from low-income backgrounds.

Students who are selected for the program will participate in a series of workshops throughout the semester – scheduled for Tuesdays in the afternoon, time TBA   and will be advised on pursuing research opportunities as an undergraduate.   There may also be an opportunity to receive mentoring from graduate students and faculty. Students who pursue this may earn one credit unit for completing the program. Elective credit only.

Please apply here:
Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, but to have the best chance and to be considered for the first wave of admissions please submit the application by Friday, October 8, 2021.

5) David L. Kirp Prize

David L. Kirp Prize
Call for Applications
Prize Recognizes Undergraduates Working to Improve the Future of Children and Youth
Each year the KIDS FIRST: David L. Kirp Prize awards $2,500 to one or more UC Berkeley undergraduates who have developed innovative strategies to increase opportunities for children and youth or who has demonstrated a commitment to improving the future of children and youth.


The prize is open to UC Berkeley undergraduate students from all majors who are registered during fall semester 2021.

Application and Deadline

To apply, students must submit an online application form, 1000 word essay, resume or CV, and two letters of support. The application deadline is October 26, 2021. To download an application form and learn more visit the ISSI website.

Applications for the KIDS FIRST: David L. Kirp Prize are due on October 26, 2021. For more information or to access the online application, visit
A faculty member at the Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley, since 1971, David L. Kirp is currently a professor of the Graduate School, a member of the National Academy of Education, a contributing writer to the New York Times and a senior scholar at the Learning Policy Institute. In his seventeen books and hundreds of articles, he has mainly focused on education and youth policy. His 2011 book, Kids First: Five Big Ideas for Transforming the Lives of Children, makes a powerful argument for building systems of support that reach from cradle to college and career. His most recent book is The College Dropout Scandal.
6) Pub Svc/NonProfit Fair

Pub Svc/NonProfit Fair

Public Service, Nonprofit, Health, & Education Career & Internship Fair
Thursday, October 7th, 12:00-4:00pm
Come join us to meet companies and organizations with full-time and internship opportunities in the areas of nonprofits, education, community leadership, government, public service, policy, NGOs, higher education, health & social services, and other related fields. Registration opens one week prior to the Fair.

7) Study Abroad Week
Study Abroad Week

Join us October 18-22, 2021 for our virtual Berkeley Study Abroad Week to learn about study, work, intern, and research abroad opportunities for UC Berkeley students! There will be opportunities to interact directly with our Berkeley Study Abroad advisers as well as former study abroad participants.

This virtual Study Abroad Week is UC Berkeley’s largest study abroad event of the year, featuring more than 30 information sessions and a Virtual Fair hosted by Berkeley Study Abroad, the UC Education Abroad Program, and other UC campuses.

For more information, please visit the Study Abroad Week website.

We look forward to connecting with you!


8) Phase 1 is coming!!!
Phase 1 is coming!!!
Check your major requirements now, before you sign up for Sp22 classes.
Remember these requirements for the major:
1) Four prereqs required:  Hist, Phil, Stats, Social/Behavioral
2) Four Core classes (4 units each), one must be designated as H, one as SS. There is no flexibility with the Cores. They must be chosen from this list. No substitutions. Soc114 does not count as a Core no matter what the APR might report.
3) Four Area courses, (4 units each), two must fall in one Area, two additional courses must each fall into two different Areas (so basically you’re hitting on three Areas). You may take up to two law-related courses to fulfill Area requirements. It’s best to choose four 4-unit courses so that you’ll have 32 upper division units when you’ve completed the Core and Area requirements. Here are the details.

If an Area course is 3 units, you will need to take an additional Legal Studies course to cover the “missing” unit.

4) 32 upper division units are required for the major.

Here’s just an example of how to keep track of your requirements (the 4 indicates units):

Prereqs: Phil 2, Hist, Soc/Behav, need Stats
100  4  H, SS
138  4  SS
160  4  H, SS
need  4
132AC  4  II, IV
102  4  I
109  4  I
need  4  (in Area II, III, IV, or V)
If you have questions about your requirements and I’ve already sent you a course line-up like the example above, find it, fill in the courses you’re thinking of taking, and send it to me.
I’ll be happy to check it out.