JSP Staff Spotlight - Congratulations Michael Paz!

February 7, 2024

Since his arrival from the University of Washington last summer, Michael Paz has rapidly become a sought-after presence in 2240. His weekly roundups are already legendary. Most people would be satisfied to learn the ropes during their first year in a new job. Michael is not most people. He has been tracing the ropes to the levers, finding the wheels within wheels of the intricate clockwork we call UC Berkeley. His resourcefulness and initiative has now been recognized by higher powers. In December, Michael was chosen by the Graduate Division to be part of the GSAO Coordinating Committee. The committee’s goals are “to ensure that the Graduate Division and a wide variety of graduate programs exchange information and ideas regarding our work supporting the graduate education enterprise…to provide a more effective conduit for information from the center to all graduate advisors, and to develop more robust connections and collaboration among GSAOs across campus.” This is essential work that will redound to the benefit not only of JSP but the university as a whole. We are so very fortunate to have Michael with us. Please give him a warm congratulation when you see him next. 


Dylan C. Penningroth

Associate Dean, Jurisprudence and Social Policy / Legal Studies