JSP Forum Sessions - 2/16 & 3/16

February 9, 2023
Please mark your calendars and join us for the next two JSP Forum presentations by Isabella Mariani on Thursday, February 16th, and Bonnie Cherry on Thursday, March 16th. Both sessions will take place 11am-12pm in the Selznick Seminar Room and via Zoom: https://berkeley.zoom.us/j/92943161318
February 16th, 11am-12pm
Isabella Mariani will discuss her paper, “Alienation and the Commodification of Consumer Attention," which argues that the practices of technology companies of data collection and manipulation of consumer attention results in the deindividuation of consumers, and subsequently their alienation by externalizing their consciously willed activity and depersonalizing their social relationships. Jorge Cortes-Monroy and Chris Tomlins will serve as commentators. 
March 16th, 11am-12pm
Bonnie Cherry will discuss her paper, “'Little Kingdoms': Legalized Security and Federal Indian Policy During WWII," which explores the establishment of War Relocation Authority facilities on federal reservation land and argues that liberal administrative practices developed during the allotment/assimilation era of Federal Indian Law provided the legal and procedural template for WRA internment camps. Laura Ramírez and Chris Tomlins will serve as commentators.