Legal Studies Prerequisites Summer 2023

Always check the online schedule for the most up to date info.

2023 Summer Schedule

Session A—Six Weeks: May 22–June 30
Session B—Ten Weeks: June 5–August 11
Session C—Eight Weeks: June 20–August 11
Session D—Six Weeks: July 3–August 11
Session E—Three Weeks: July 24–August 11
Session F—Three Weeks: July 3–July 21
Session 12W—12 Weeks: May 22–August 11


Stat 2  Intro to Statistics – Session C 
Stat C8 Foundations of Data Science – Session C
Stat 20  Intro to Probability & Statistics – Session C
Stat 21  Intro to Probability & Statistics for Business – Session C


Phil 2  Individual Morality & Social Justice – Session D
Phil 3  The Nature of the Mind – Session A
Phil 4  Knowledge & Its Limits – Session D
Phil 12A  Intro to Logic – Session A and D
Phil W12A Intro to Logic – Session C
Phil 25A  Ancient Philosophy – Session A and D
Phil 25B  Modern Philosophy – Session A and D
Poli Sci 112B  History of Political Thought: Ancient and Medieval - Session D


Hist 7B  Intro to the History of the U.S. Civil War to the Present – Session C  ONLINE

Social/Behavioral Sciences

Econ 1  Intro to Economics - Session A
Econ 100A  Economic Analysis-Session C
Poli Sci 1  Intro to American Politics - Session D
Sociology 3AC   Principles of Sociology - Session A
Soc 5  Evaluation of Evidence – Session C