Legal Studies Prerequisites Spring 24

Students must take one distinct course from each of the following four areas.
All courses taken for the major must be taken for a letter grade.
Students must have an overall 2.0 prereq gpa.

NOTE: Prerequisites may be taken at a community college during the summer. Check on under Legal Studies for courses that articulate

NOTE: Prereqs cannot be fulfilled while studying abroad.

NOTE: AP exams with a score of 3 or higher may be used to fulfill prereqs (see below under each category).

NOTE: IB credit may be used to fulfill prereqs with a score of 5 or higher.

Stat/Data C8 Foundations of Data Science
Stat 2 Intro to Statistics
Stat 20 Intro to Probability & Statistics
Stat/Data C102 Data, Inference & Decisions

Phil 2 Individual Morality and Social Justice
Phil 3 The Nature of the Mind
Phil 4 Knowledge and Its Limits
Phil 12A Introduction to Logic
Phil 25B Ancient/Modern Philosophy
AGRS 36 Greek Philosophy   (formerly Classics 36)

Hist 4B The Ancient Mediterranean World, Medieval Europe
Hist 7B Introduction to the History of the United States
History 8B Modern Latin America
Hist 164A  Modern European Intellectual History
Africam 117 African Americans in the Industrial Age, 1865-1970

Social/Behavioral Sciences
Econ 1 Introduction to Economics
Econ 2 Introduction to Economics – Lecture Format
Poli Sci 1 Intro to American Politics
Poli Sci 2 Intro to Comparative Politics
Sociology 1 Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 3AC Principles of Sociology
Sociology 5 Evaluation of Evidence
Sociology 101 Sociological Theory
Sociology 131F  Four Centuries of Racial Vision and Division in the U.S.