Legal Studies Prerequisites Spring 2023

Students must take one distinct course from each of the following four areas.
All courses taken for the major must be taken for a letter grade.
Students must have an overall 2.0 prereq gpa.

NOTE: Prerequisites may be taken at a community college during the summer. Check on under Legal Studies for courses that articulate

NOTE: Prereqs cannot be fulfilled while studying abroad.

NOTE: AP exams with a score of 3 or higher may be used to fulfill prereqs (see below under each category).

NOTE: IB credit may be used to fulfill prereqs with a score of 5 or higher.

Stat/Info C8 Foundations of Data Science
Stat 2 Intro to Statistics
Stat 20 Intro to Probability & Statistics
Stat 102 Introduction to the Theory of Statistics

Phil 2 Individual Morality and Social Justice
Phil 3 The Nature of the Mind
Phil 12A Introduction to Logic
Phil 25B Ancient/Modern Philosophy
Phil 132 Philosophy of the Mind

Hist 4B The Ancient Mediterranean World, Medieval Europe
Hist 7B Introduction to the History of the United States
History 8B: Modern Latin America
Hist 164A:  Modern European Intellectual History

Social/Behavioral Sciences
Econ 1 Introduction to Economics
Econ 2 Introduction to Economics – Lecture Format
Econ 100A Economic Analysis
Econ 101A Economic Theory
Poli Sci 1 Intro to American Politics
Poli Sci 2 Intro to Comparative Politics
Sociology 1 Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 3AC Principles of Sociology
Sociology 5 Evaluation of Evidence
Sociology 101 Sociological Theory
Sociology 131F  Four Centuries of Racial Vision and Division in the U.S.