Legal Studies Prerequisites Fa23


Stat C8/Info C8/CompSci C8/Data C8 Foundations of Data Science
Stat 2  Intro to Statistics
Stat 20 (001 - 008)  Intro to Probability & Statistics
Stat C102  Data, Inference and Decisions


Phil 2  Individual Morality & Social Justice
Phil 3  The Nature of the Mind
Phil 12A  Intro to Logic
Phil 25A  Ancient Philosophy
Phil 132  Philosophy of the Mind
Poli Sci 112A History of Political Theory


Hist 4A  The Ancient Mediterranean World, Medieval Europe
Hist 5   European Civilization (Renaissance to the present)
Hist 7A  (001, 002) Introduction to the History of the United States
Hist C157 The Renaissance and the Reformation

Social/Behavioral Sciences

Econ 1  (001, 002) Intro to Economics
Econ 2 Introduction to Economics
Econ 100A  Economic Analysis
Econ 101A Economic Theory
GWS 102 Transnational Feminism
Poli Sci 1 Intro to American Politics
Sociology 1 Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 3AC   Principles of Sociology
Soc 5  Evaluation of Evidence
Sociology 101 Sociological Theory