Eli Lawliet



Doctoral Candidate in Jurisprudence and Social Policy (ABD)


Transgender Studies, Law and Society, History of Medicine, Gender Studies

I worked many jobs before I returned to school, including retail management, eyeglass manufacturing, and live-in cook. All of these informed my perspective as a scholar, as the upper echelons of academia are rarely accessible to poor and working class students. I worked non-stop throughout my education, undergraduate and graduate, mainly as a tutor, editor, and personal assistant. I have volunteered in many capacities but most notably, a serve as a mentor to queer and trans BIPOC students to help them thrive and navigate the often-confusing world of high education. I'm most proud of this!

B.A. in Gender Studies, Minor in LGBTQ Studies, UCLA, June 2017, PhD in Jurisprudence and Social Policy, ABD, expected 2022.