News From JSP - Congratulations, Kyle

November 28, 2022

Congratulations to JSP Student Kyle DeLand for being a winner of the Kathryn T. Preyer award!

Named after the late Kathryn T. Preyer, a distinguished historian of the law of early America known for her generosity to early career legal historians, the program of Kathryn T. Preyer Scholars is designed to help legal historians at the beginning of their careers. At the annual meeting of the Society two early career legal historians designated Kathryn T. Preyer Scholars will present what would normally be their first papers to the Society.

Kyle presented his paper, "California Redeemed: Equity, Fraud, and Land Monopoly in the Moral Economy of Colonial Property, 1831-1861" at the 2022 meeting of the Society earlier this month.