Legal Studies Latest News as of 2/15/23

February 15, 2023


1) Lauri in a College meeting today in the AM.
2) Legal Intrnshp
3) Pre-Law Summit
4) Profesh Headshots
5)  Nom Your Fav GSI

1) Lauri in a College meeting today (Wed 2/15) from 9-noon.

2) Legal Intrnshp
Legal Intrnshp

Apply now to work directly with self-represented litigants in Bay Area Self-Help Centers this Summer!

California is experiencing a significant increase in the number of individuals appearing before the court without professional legal representation on a variety of matters, from family law to housing. The “Access to Justice” (A2J) internship is recruiting interns that will work in the Bay Area Self-Help Centers from June to August. Interns will work closely with self-represented litigants by providing assistance with court documents, legal information, and referrals as needed, as well as translation for Limited English Proficiency litigants. Interns will also assist in and lead workshops. All assistance will be performed under the close supervision of attorneys and other court staff.

A2J interns will have the opportunity to learn about several areas of law, which may include family law (divorce, spousal support, domestic violence, parentage, child custody and visitation, child support), civil law (small claims, evictions, name & gender changes, civil harassment restraining orders, and elder abuse) and probate (guardianship).

Starting in May or mid-June, Access 2 Justice requires interns to serve three full days per week for at least 10 weeks. This will be a rigorous internship and we are looking forward to working with volunteers who are committed to public service.

By providing one-on-one assistance, legal information, referrals, and assistance with forms completion, Access 2 Justice interns help litigants move forward with their legal matters. Access 2 Justice interns not only gain substantive training in family and civil law, but assist vulnerable communities who would be impacted by the law socioeconomically. 

Click Here to Apply Now!

Access 2 Justice interns, depending on site location, assist litigants with the following legal issues:

  • Divorce

  • Start Parentage

  • Evictions 

  • Small Claims

  • Spousal Support

  • Custody

  • Restraining Orders

  • Name Change

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Commitment and attendance at all mandatory trainings

  • LiveScan fingerprinting and security clearance

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Available to volunteer 40 hours a week*

  • Available to volunteer late May through mid-August (alternatively, Mid-June through late-August to accommodate students on the quarter system)

  • Willingness to dress in professional attire and keep a professional appearance at all times during the internship

* Some sites may be willing to accommodate requests for less than full time schedules. If you are interested in a modified schedule, please contact Bekah Askew at discuss your availability.

3) Pre-Law Summit
Pre-Law Summit
1. Pre-Law Summit (2 day event) 

Day 1: Tuesday, Feb 21, 4-7pm @ Career Center (2440 Bancroft Way, 3rd Floor)

Is Law Right for Me?

Considering a legal career? Day 1 of the Pre-Law Summit is designed to help you gain clarity on questions such as: 
• What are different fields of law and specialization? 
• What is law school like? What should I consider when deciding if law school is right for me?
• What are other potential opportunities in the legal field?

Day 2: Monday, Feb 27, 2-5pm @ ASUC Senate Chambers (5th floor)

Taking Action in the Application Process

Ready to take action and apply to law school? Day 2 of the Pre-Law Summit is designed to help drive you one step closer to your goal with the following sessions: 
• Law School Application Process admissions officers panel
• Preparing for the LSAT
• Financing Your Legal Education
4) Profesh Headshots
Profesh Headshots
Free professional headshots with our photo booth 
We now have a professional headshot photo booth for students to get free headshots. Students can stop by the Career Center anytime we're open for their photo:
Mon-Thur from 9am-5pm.
5)  Nom Your Fav GSI
Nom Your Fav GSI
Nominate your favorite GSI for an Outstanding GSI award now!
Just send me an e-mail (you can reply to this message) with a short explanation of why you would like to nominate your GSI or GSIs for an award. Please send me their name and the course you took with them as well.
The following GSIs have already won an award, so are not eligible to win another one:
Ilya Akdemir
Nandina Babic
Yael Plittman
Doug Sangster
Eduardo Bautista Duran
Bonnie Cherry
Kyle Deland
Kyneshawau Hurd
Please nominate your GSI by March 1st.